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Michael Hogan

Michael Hogan

Michael Hogan is a building architect who has become an independent VFP consultant in Chicago. Michael runs Ideate, LLC to provide business solutions in the Chicago area. His primary tools are Visual FoxPro and Web Connection. While practicing architecture, he has been solving business problems with FoxBase and FoxPro since the late 80's, and created the first National Bulletin Board for Architects and Engineers in 1985. He has been focusing exclusively on technology and application design for over 10 years and now only dabbles in architecture. He develops both desktop and Internet applications in Visual FoxPro and is conversant in many related technologies like HTML, JavaScript, SQL and IIS.

Michael has spoken at several West Wind conferences and is known for integrating attractive web design with business data needs. He hosts a popular vertical market application on the web and provides web hosting services for his own customers and for fellow developers.

He has written for several monthly publications in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction world, has spoken at several "Technology in Architecture" oriented seminars and trade shows, and is a popular speaker at Chicago's FoxPro Users and Developers Group. Through Ideate LLC, Michael has created several custom web applications ranging from simple but dynamic web sites to complex, integrated web-based business applications. Descriptions and case studies are available at the Ideate web site:


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