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Pre and Post-Conference Training

Want even more training than Southwest Fox provides? Plan on arriving a couple of days early to attend one of these additional workshops.

VFP for the Internet

Vinitsky Consulting, Inc presents "VFP for the Internet"—three days of training and seminars prior to and after the Southwest Fox conference.

Hardly a day goes by for VFP developers without the question "what about the web?"

VFP can and does run major web sites. Not just e-commerce either. Serious business applications. In fact, to make a VFP application a web application never requires abandoning VFP. Whether you are an independent developer, a software company, a consultant, or a developer working with VFP in-house, these sessions will help you move with VFP to the type of Web or Internet platform you need. VFP for the Internet Seminar is at the SanTan Elegante Conference & Reception Center, just prior to and just after the Southwest Fox conference there.

Which technology is right for your needs? Find out during the technology review session.

In the FoxInCloud sessions, participants will learn how to take a VFP application and adapt it to run in HTML/Javascript on the web—while still retaining the ability to run the application on the desktop. VFP apps will become right before your eyes the ultimate web app—and still be developed in VFP! Participants will get to see the development process from beginning to end of adapting a large business-class application for the web.

In the website development session, participants will also learn the basics of using VFP for data managenent of websites developed in HTML. A real in place website is developed for event registration using Active Foxpro Pages.

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