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It’s about time!

One of the most frequent comments we saw on the evaluations for individual sessions was “ran out of time” or “not enough time” or something else along those lines. A few people even suggested that we lengthen the time slots in the schedule to give speakers more time, while another suggested we tell speakers they [...]

Conference Hotel Room Feedback

In general we get a lot of positive comments on the hotel rooms for the conference, but this year there were a few people who suggested we look into a new location because there were problems with their rooms. Your feedback is real important to us. Last year (based on positive attendee feedback and our [...]

The Economics of Conference Food

We’ve been reviewing the evaluations from Southwest Fox 2008. We’ll use this blog to respond to some of the suggestions and comments we received and even to ask the community for more information or clarification.
Today, I want to address food, more specifically food and money. We get a lot of comments about the food at [...]

Visual MaxFrame Professional Offer

Today I received my offer from Visionpace to process my six month subscription to Visual MaxFrame Professional. I am not sure if Visionpace is staging the roll out of the emails so their staff is not overwhelmed, but you should be getting your notice soon. If not, let us know at INFO at SWFOX.NET and [...]

Southwest Fox goes green(ish)

When we were planning Southwest Fox 2007, we decided not to buy any kind of conference bags. Instead, we got plastic bags from the local Visitor’s Bureau. When one of our vendors provided us with larger bags, we used those first. Neither bag was something you’d keep, so no doubt most of them landed in [...]