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Tweets at Southwest Fox

Twitter is one of many social networking tools where friends/followers read posts about what someone is working on, something happened in their life they want to share, debate world events, get advice personal and professionally, and generally interact or converse with each other. Twitter is known as micro-blogging and each post is limited to 140 [...]

Ambassador Fund – Update

The Ambassador Fund for Southwest Fox is progressing on a couple of fronts. The first part is the donations are continuing to arrive. We currently have US$2371 in the bank and another US$625 pledged. This is an amazing number and shows the generosity of the community.
Last week we also invited a few people in the [...]

Where in the world?!?

Or should I say: Where on the Virtual Earth…
I wanted to have some coding fun this past weekend after working really hard on a problem in an app I am enhancing in FoxPro for DOS. I needed some serious time inside of VFP and at the same time I wanted to learn something new. Then [...]