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The SWFox.NET site was down today. We are fixing things up and have most of the stuff working again. Sorry for any inconvenience to anyone looking for more details about this year’s conference.

Only 132 days until we gather in Gilbert!

Only  14 days until our Super-saver discount expires! Get registered today!!

No Southwest Xbase++ in 2017

Geek Gatherings LLC, the organizers of Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++, have partnered with Alaska Software and the best speakers from the Xbase++ community to run Southwest Xbase++ for the past five years. Last November, Alaska Software informed us their core staff members would not be presenting at conferences in 2017, in order to focus on their other commitments including the LEAP program, which tests Visual FoxPro source code projects in Xbase++.

After hearing the news, we initially thought we would put the Xbase++ conference on hiatus for a single year as Alaska expects to have speakers available again in 2018. But after talking with others in the Xbase++ Community (including Alaska), we decided to try to run the conference without speakers from Alaska. We issued the Call for Speakers for both conferences. Unfortunately, we did not receive enough session proposals to put together an Xbase++ conference this year. We are naturally disappointed, but Alaska will continue to sponsor Southwest Fox and we are sure Southwest Fox will be a terrific conference on its own as it was for eight years before we incorporated the Xbase++ conference. In 2018, we hope to return to our usual dual conference format.

We look forward to announcing the session topics and speakers and to getting registration rolling for 2017 very soon. Thank you for your continued support of Southwest Fox.

Call for speakers for 2017 released

We’ve issued the Call for Speakers for Southwest Fox 2017 and Southwest Xbase++ 2017. If you are interested in presenting at either conference, please read the document and consider submitting sessions via the Geek Gatherings Submission Web site.

Alaska Software has decided that their core staff members will not be presenting at conferences in 2017, in order to focus on their other commitments. This opens up several additional speaking slots for Southwest Xbase++ and we look forward to proposals from members of the Xbase++ developer community.

The conferences take place October 26-29, 2017. Session proposals are due by Monday, March 13 at 8 AM EST.

What do you want to learn in 2017?

We’re getting close to releasing the Call for Speakers for the 2017 conferences. (Watch the News page.) As we’ve done in the past, we want to offer prospective speakers ideas for welcome topics. The list below comes from both the evaluations filled in by 2016 attendees and a survey we did recently. Please add your thoughts,both on these topics and on what’s missing, in the comments to this post.

First, the list from the 2016 evaluations:

  • UI
  • VFP in cloud
  • Computer/network security (general session)
  • REST API with VFP
  • oAuth with VFP
  • Reporting sessions
  • Disaster recovery
  • Case studies
  • Error handling
  • Advanced SQL Server
  • Business development, marketing, advertising, sales, customer service
  • Web technologies (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), Client side web development – JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, JSON, etc., Web services
  • .NET technologies (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Mobile technologies (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • 64-bit VFP compiler
  • Building applications to run as a service and building complimentary UI based apps to interact with and/or control that service’s behavior.
  • Upsizing applications
  • VFPX bonus session
  • Q & A session

Now, the additional topics mentioned in our SurveyMonkey survey:

  • More of the Xbase++ from the FoxPro perspective (like Alec Gagne gave in 2016)
  • Refactoring (to Xbase++)
  • A overview of web development – MVC, ASP, Angular, JSON, etc. what is each.
  • Business Intelligence
  • Remote Desktop
  • CXP within Web Technologies
  • DBF corruption causes and avoidance
  • Migration Ideas and Case Studies – Going from VFP to cloud and/or mobile
  • Non .NET approaches to replace Visual FoxPro
  • “Foxpro is _NOT_ dead!”
  • Foxpro and AngularJS
  • Who earns a lot of money these days WITH FoxPRO, and how they do it
  • Stupid mistakes with VFP you probably don’t know you’re making
  • Reporting through XBASE ++
  • Creation of forms in XBase ++
  • What’s broken in VFP? Given changes in Windows and Networks what does not work in VFP any more? What are the work arounds?
  • Node.js
  • Big data
  • No SQL databases
  • Express++ with Roger Donnay
  • The good way to do things with Steffen (like File Locks and Unlocks, when, how the system works with files on the low level)
  • User Interfaces
  • More on CXP

DBI Offers New Control to Southwest Fox/Xbase++ Attendees

DBI is giving away a full license of Calendar COM (ctxCalendar) to each Southwest Fox/Southwest Xbase++ 2016 attendee. Calendar COM is a really great Outlook style scheduling control with three fully extensible views baked into one control: a multi-column Day View (a multiple day appointment scheduler for one resource or multiple resource appointment scheduler for one day at a time), a Week View Appointment Scheduler, and a Month Calendar / date picker. It comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

DBI has been a long-time supporter of Southwest Fox and we thank them for their generous support once again this year!

Early-bird deadline is July 31!

Simple quick reminder: save $50 by registering before the Early-bird registration deadline this Sunday, July 31st.

If you still need to register, please head over to the registration Web site today: http://geekgatherings.com/Registration

Every registered attendee gets admission and white papers to all regular conference sessions. Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best and mix with your peers.

It’s still only July and we already have nearly $15,000 in raffle prizes, with more yet to come.

Booking the DoubleTree hotel room:
A block of rooms have been reserved for September 19, 2016 – September 28, 2016. The special room rate will be available until August 26th or until the group block is sold out, whichever comes first. Last year the block sold out.

We suggest you book it now! Don’t forget to use the Group Code: GEE

Only 58 days until we gather in Gilbert.

Tamar Granor, Rick Schummer, and Doug Hennig

Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++ Organizers
Geek Gatherings, LLC

Southwest Fox/Southwest Xbase++ 2016 are a go!

We have some good news to share today. Thanks to the support of both the Visual FoxPro and Xbase++ communities, Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++ 2016 will proceed as planned September 22-25, 2016 in Gilbert, AZ.

We really appreciate all the support people have shown for the conference with early registrations! That said, the decision comes with a calculated risk because we are still many registrations short of the breakeven point. Please continue to spread the word to your colleagues, clients, user group and anywhere else Visual FoxPro or Xbase++ is spoken.

If you haven’t yet registered, there’s still room for you. Register before August 1 for a $50 early-bird discount.

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