Where was KOKOPELLI?

Happy New Year everyone.

One of our questions on the evaluation form asked people to rate KOKOPELLI. One of the themes we got in the responses is “What is KOKOPELLI?” and “Where was KOKOPELLI?”

Apparently we did not do a good job making the Southwest Fox schedule helper applet from Dave Aring public enough on the Web site, in our email announcements, and the RSS feed. You might not be aware that we had it loaded on the kiosk computer we had set up at the registration table. The majority of people who used it gave it a high rating, which is good. What is not good is many people did not get to take advantage of the tool.

Looking on the conference Web site I see it mentioned once on the News page. This is where the only link is. I am hopeful we will get a second chance from Dave to better promote KOKOPELLI. If he does, I promise we will make it more apparent how to get it, and where you can find it.

Southwest Fox 2008 is this year. Only 287 days until we meet in Mesa!


A month ago Southwest Fox 2007 was just getting started. It was a terrific conference thanks to so many people including the speakers, the hotel staff, the conference center staff, and of course all the developers who came to the conference.

Since the conference wrapped up the three organizers have been working hard on a couple of fronts. The first front is to review the evaluations and get them entered into a set of tables, and then get the results to the speakers. This has been accomplished. The feedback to the speakers was very positive and the constructive criticism useful in making the sessions better. If you have feedback to provide the organizers you can send this via snail mail if you want it to be anonymous, or send it to info AT swfox DOT net. You can also mail in the evaluation forms if you forgot to drop it off at the registration table before heading home.

The general conference evaluations have been helpful in our planning for next year. I think we will be discussing some trends we recognize in more detail in future posts. The evaluations were anonymous, but attendees posted questions in the evaluation. We cannot directly send answers, so I believe we will address some of these questions here on this blog.

The second front is the planning for next year. Believe it or not, we started this process Sunday afternoon, right after the conference finished and we completed our wrap-up meeting with the conference center folks. We are working on the contract for next year with the same hotel and conference center.

Tamar, Doug, and I decided to start this conference blog as another way to communicate information about the conference to everyone who is interested in the event, and to open up a discussion about the things we are thinking of doing next year. I hope your find this useful.

Thanks again to everyone who made Southwest Fox 2007 a success.

Only 333 days until Southwest Fox 2008! Mark your calendars for October 16-19, 2008. More details to come.