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Tweets at Southwest Fox

Twitter is one of many social networking tools where friends/followers read posts about what someone is working on, something happened in their life they want to share, debate world events, get advice personal and professionally, and generally interact or converse with each other. Twitter is known as micro-blogging and each post is limited to 140 [...]

Where in the world?!?

Or should I say: Where on the Virtual Earth…
I wanted to have some coding fun this past weekend after working really hard on a problem in an app I am enhancing in FoxPro for DOS. I needed some serious time inside of VFP and at the same time I wanted to learn something new. Then [...]

VFPX Administrator’s Outstanding Service Award

At the keynote presentation for Southwest Fox 2008, the administrators of VFPX (Craig Boyd, Rick Schummer, and Doug Hennig) presented Bo Durban with the first VFPX Administrator’s Outstanding Service Award. Bo has been one of the driving forces in GDIPlusX, a key project in VFPX that not only brings amazing graphics functionality to VFP but [...]

Southwest Fox Videos Available

Thanks to Steve Bodnar, videos of the keynote presentation and the VFPX meeting at Southwest Fox 2008 are available for viewing at Among the items things shown in the keynote are an update on the VFP Studio project by Craig Boyd and Bo Durban.
As far as we know, this is the first VFP conference [...]

Southwest Fox 2008 is almost here

I want to take a moment and make a quick post for some last minute things about the conference.

All people registered for the conference should get the fourth and final email update on Monday. If you have not received the first three please email us as soon as you are done reading this post so [...]

Still time to register

October is here. Southwest Fox is this month. Holy cow, Southwest Fox is THIS month? Already.
Okay, I should have realized this before based on the flurry of emails between Doug, Tamar and I, but last week it hit me that we are weeks away from heading to Mesa. Decisions on the food, finalizing the conference [...]

Southwest Fox News

The Southwest Fox 2008 session schedule is now available. One thing you might note is that we’ve planned a dinner party for Friday night this year. Also, vendor sessions are held concurrently with other sessions rather than in the evenings as they were last year.
I posted a new video demoing one of the cool features [...]

Southwest Fox Rehearsals

If you do the math with respect to 15 slots and 32 sessions you quickly realize you cannot see all the sessions at Southwest Fox 2008. Impossible, and one of the main reasons the organizers demand the speakers do a white paper for the sessions.
So you might be asking: short of cloning or a time [...]

The Fox Show Interview

Andrew has posted an interview with the three Southwest Fox organizers in the latest podcast of The Fox Show. We discuss th 2008 edition of the conference and some new things in the planning stages.
If you have any questions or suggestions based on what you hear please feel free to send them to info AT [...]

VFP Boot Camp Held Immediately Following Southwest Fox

Visionpace is presenting the highly-acclaimed VFP Boot Camp immediately following Southwest Fox. This event delivers three jam-packed days of solid, hands-on learning. From the fundamentals of VFP development through the very latest VFP 9.0 features, this boot camp is designed to quickly get your VFP skills up to speed. Attendees will receive a 500 page [...]