Visual MaxFrame Professional Offer

Today I received my offer from Visionpace to process my six month subscription to Visual MaxFrame Professional. I am not sure if Visionpace is staging the roll out of the emails so their staff is not overwhelmed, but you should be getting your notice soon. If not, let us know at INFO at SWFOX.NET and we will pass it on to Visionpace.

Thanks to Russ Swall and his team.

Southwest Fox goes green(ish)

When we were planning Southwest Fox 2007, we decided not to buy any kind of conference bags. Instead, we got plastic bags from the local Visitor’s Bureau. When one of our vendors provided us with larger bags, we used those first. Neither bag was something you’d keep, so no doubt most of them landed in the hotel trash cans.

The 2007 conference bags also included a toy, a plastic squishy ball. While these were fun initially, they turned out to be not all that well made.

This year, we decided that rather than spend money on a toy, we’d go for conference bags. But we knew that our closets are filled with attache-style bags, so had no desire to add to those piles. Instead, we had reusable grocery bags printed with the Southwest Fox logo, and encouraged attendees to either take them home or hand them back to us for other people to have.

The bags were much better for the conference materials, and they turn out to be really good grocery bags. If you got one, let us know how you like it and whether we should do it again.