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Southwest Fox 2009 on the Web

This year more than ever, people who came to Southwest Fox posted thoughts about the conference and the sessions they attended. If you know of others please send them to This page might be updated in the future.Bloggers who are talking about Southwest Fox 2009
Chris Franz
Doug Hennig
Mike Feltman
Joel Leach
Eric Selje
Mark Lyon
Emerson Santon Reed (Ceil [...]

Follow Southwest Fox News on Twitter

Are you hanging out on Twitter with the rest of your FoxPro friends? No? No problem, you can still follow along at to get up to date news on the best Visual FoxPro conference in North America.
Like to follow this blog to get the latest news, no problem again. You can count on this [...]

Tweets at Southwest Fox

Twitter is one of many social networking tools where friends/followers read posts about what someone is working on, something happened in their life they want to share, debate world events, get advice personal and professionally, and generally interact or converse with each other. Twitter is known as micro-blogging and each post is limited to 140 [...]