Southwest Fox 2017

October 26-29, 2017
SanTan Elegante Conference Center
Gilbert, AZ

Southwest Xbase++ 2017 Sessions

There are 7 conference tracks at Southwest Xbase++ 2017. "Level" shows the expected Xbase++ level for attendees for a session. Click a track's icon to jump to the sessions for that track.

Pre-Conference: These half-day sessions are offered on Thursday before the main conference starts, and are available for an additional cost; see the Register page for details.
Data Management: Sessions in this track cover topics such as installation and maintenance of the PostgreSQL Server, best practices and technical details regarding shared file (dbf/cdx) access in your network, as well as other client/server options such as creating an application server in Xbase++ and the usage of the Advantage Database Server.
New to Xbase++: This track cover topics relevant to developers new to Xbase++. This includes general sessions about the language as well as specific sessions about topics related to migrating existing applications written in Visual FoxPro.
Best Practices for Xbase++: The sessions in this track cover subjects ranging from how-to's and best practices to specific issues for the advanced Xbase++ developer.
Technology and Business for the Developer: This track looks at tools, technologies and techniques to make life as a developer easier and more productive. Topics in this track are application to both VFP and Xbase++ developers.
Web and Mobile: The sessions in this track are aimed at developers who want to learn more about creating web and connected mobile applications.
Xbase++ 3.0: This track is about Alaska's vision for version 3.0. The track's sessions give details about the next-generation multi-platform UI, explain why Xbase++ 3.0 is the next-generation Visual FoxPro and take a look into version 2.5 and the Visual FoxPro transpiler.


Data Management

New to Xbase++

Best Practices for Xbase++

Technology and Business for the Developer

Web and Mobile

Xbase++ 3.0


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