Craig Boyd
  Craig Boyd is the CEO of SweetPotato Software, Inc. (SPS). Having worked in every version of FoxPro since 2.5, he is an avid and experienced Visual FoxPro developer. He is also the creator and host of the popular SPS Weblog, which contains some great Visual FoxPro related content at Craig has developed a number of applications for US and International clients, and he specializes in helping other software companies meet challenging deadlines, solve complex problems, and upgrade project interfaces. When he's not working on client projects, writing blog entries, or helping members of the Visual FoxPro Community out on the forums, he writes magazine articles geared toward Visual FoxPro developers.
  VFP Painting 101: GDI+ Techniques and Examples

GDI+ has enjoyed an increase in interest and use among Visual FoxPro developers since the release of Visual FoxPro 9.0. This is due in part to the advanced reporting engine that makes heavy use of GDI+ and the inclusion of the _gdiplus.vcx class library that contains a number of Visual FoxPro class wrappers for the GDI+ Flat API. The true power of GDI+ lies in its ability to render graphical content and manipulate images. This session will provide an in-depth exploration of GDI+ and its use in Visual FoxPro. Session attendees can expect to come away with the following:

1. Knowledge of the _gdiplus.vcx class library and how to use it effectively in Visual FoxPro
2. An advanced rendering technique known as double-buffering that is essential to using GDI+ in Visual FoxPro
3. How to allow form controls and GDI+ rendered elements to co-exist on Visual FoxPro forms
4. Techniques for producing gradient fills and rendering text on Visual FoxPro forms
5. Advanced techniques for manipulating and displaying image files, including multi-page formats (GIF and TIFF)
  VFP Cryptology 101: Encryption, Decryption, and Hash Functions

As developers of data centric applications we are mindful that our clients' sensitive data must be protected. Issues of confidentiality, data integrity and authentication must be considered. Cryptography offers a broad range of solutions, such as encryption and hashing algorithms, but figuring out which algorithms are best suited or the most secure can be a daunting task at times. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of cryptography systems and how they can be implemented in Visual FoxPro applications is essential for the security minded developer. This session is a crash course in Cryptography and Cryptanalysis that attempts to provide simple, easy to understand answers to some of the common questions that arise when dealing with various types of encryption, decryption and hash functions. Session attendees can expect to come away with the following:

1. A good understanding of the various subjects that fall under the umbrella of Cryptology
2. Knowledge regarding the level of security, speed, and overall strengths different cryptography systems provide
3. An exploration of the _crypt.vcx class library, Microsoft's Cryptography API, and a number of other alternatives
4. Examples of use for various types of encryption, decryption and hashing functions in Visual FoxPro