Cathi Gero
  Cathi Gero, C.P.A., is founder and development director of Prenia Corporation, providing custom software applications, training, and architectural designing to businesses and developers. Cathi is a Microsoft C# MVP and is an active member of the .NET community. She has extensive experience developing applications using the .NET Framework, Visual FoxPro, SQL Server, and Crystal Reports as well as other technologies. She is a speaker at many international conferences, author of white papers for Microsoft, and technical editor for the book '.NET For VFP Developers'. She also has a monthly column, "Cathi Gero's .NET Tips" which appears in Universal Thread Magazine. Most of the year Cathi travels to various companies providing onsite training, mentoring, and development experience. Contact Cathi via email at
  How to Build ASP.NET Web-based UI for VFP Applications

This session will focus on how to build web-based user interfaces that expose your Visual FoxPro applications to the internet. Using Microsoft's newest technologies, ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET, you will discover the great tools available to develop robust Web-based user interfaces.

This session shows you the new event-driven model for building .NET Web Forms applications, and shows the many similarities between building desktop and Web applications with .NET. Learn how you can extend your existing Visual FoxPro applications to take advantage of the Internet, allowing you to develop to a wider set of users.

We will also discuss real-world deployed Visual FoxPro applications that are using this technology to take advantage of the internet. No prior experience of the .NET Framework is necessary to attend this session.

The importance of the internet is growing each year. Allowing users to access VFP information using their browser widens the audience and usefulness of the application. ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET provides the necessary tools to build robust browser based user interfaces for the VFP developer.

  How to Work With Data in .NET - Introduction to ADO.NET For VFP Developers

ADO.NET is the data access programming model for .NET applications which provides the .NET programmer access to relational data sources, XML, and application data. It is used to interface relational database systems such as VFP and SQL Server 2000 as well as many additional data sources. ADO.NET represents the latest evolution of ADO technology.

This session will focus on introducing developers to the architecture and design steps necessary to access data in .NET using ADO.NET. We'll cover the techniques used when working with ADO.NET to retrieve data from VFP and SQL Server.

We'll see how the Connection, Command, and Data Adapter objects are used to retrieve and update data in a database. We'll look at code of ADO.NET's use of DataSets, Data Tables, and Data Adapters put to use. We'll also explore ADO.NET's extensive use of XML internally and how to work with hierarchical data. No prior experience of the .NET Framework is necessary to attend this session.

The importance of working with data is fundamental for all application development. .NET applications are no exception. VFP developers are taking advantage of using the tools of .NET to expose their data to users who would not be able to run the VFP application. A firm understanding of how to access the data using ADO.NET is vital to a successful project.