David Stevenson
  David Stevenson is a long-time software developer, consultant and speaker, who is well known in Visual FoxPro circles and online support groups. He has helped numerous businesses and other developers as a consultant with a specialty in rearchitecting and repurposing legacy applications and converting them to web interfaces. In addition, he is the Editor of FoxTalk 2.0 (www.foxtalknewsletter.com) and former Editor-In-Chief and Associate Publisher of CoDe Magazine.
  Subclassing CursorAdapter for Flexible Data Access

Many developers have seen or read about the interesting and powerful CursorAdapter base class added in VFP8 and enhanced in VFP9. However, many may still be scratching their heads about how to properly fit the CursorAdapter into their typical project architecture. -This session will go beyond the CursorAdapter's syntax, properties and methods and will focus on using the CursorAdapter effectively through subclassing. This session aims to fill in the blanks of understanding and "turn on the light" for CursorAdapter's usefulness in a variety of development scenarios.
  Ten Practical Uses for the XMLAdapter

The XMLAdapter class and its related XMLTable and XMLField classes were introduced in VFP8 and enhanced in VFP9. This set of classes is one of the most powerful and least understood features of VFP. This session will illustrate at least 10 great use cases to leverage XMLAdapter's strengths, and will show how the XMLAdapter, XMLTable and XMLField classes can handle just about any XML task thrown at them, including several that you may have never considered. Attendees will not only see practical uses for the XMLAdapter, but will learn its most important properties and methods in the context of real-life examples.