Milind Lele
  Milind Lele is a Program Manager in the Visual Studio Data team. Milind is responsible for the developer experience with SQLCLR and TSQL, the VS Query Designer, data tools extensibility, as well as working on enhancements for Visual FoxPro. Before joining Microsoft over four years ago, Milind spent several years building applications in areas of networking, security and enterprise administration.
  Integrating Visual FoxPro data sources with Visual Studio 2005

As applications mature and scale up to support n-tier models, heterogeneous data sources and “occasionally connection” scenarios, newer application development challenges surface. To successfully meet the breadth of these challenges it is now increasingly important to have closer integration between Visual Studio and Visual FoxPro. At one end this means the ability to consume .NET Framework API in Visual FoxPro applications, while at the other end it means the ability for a Visual FoxPro database to work seamlessly with Visual Studio data designers. This session will go into depth in new functionality being worked on for the future enhancements for VFP code named Sedna. Visual Studio Data Designer Extensibility (DDEX) is an extensibility model that allows a data provider to integrate richly with Visual Studio. In this session we will look at prototypes for an ADO.NET provider and a DDEX implementation for Visual FoxPro. Specifically, this session will present an overview of DDEX, followed by a discussion of what scenarios and capabilities this enables. Finally we will review what and how this was accomplished for the Visual FoxPro data source.