Rick Strahl
  Rick Strahl is president of West Wind Technologies on Maui, Hawaii. The company specializes in Web and distributed application development, training and tools with focus on Visual FoxPro, and ASP.NET. Rick is author of West Wind Web Connection, a powerful and widely used Web application framework for Visual FoxPro, West Wind HTML Help Builder and West Wind Web Store and Business Framework for .NET and Visual FoxPro Rick is a Microsoft C# Most Valuable Professional, a frequent contributor to magazines and books and speaks frequently at professional developer conferences all over the world. He is co-publisher and co-editor of CoDe magazine and his book Internet Applications with Visual FoxPro is published by Hentzenwerke Publishing. For more information please visit: http://www.west-wind.com/ or contact Rick at rstrahl@west-wind.com or check out his WebLog at http://www.west-wind.com/weblog/.
  Using Internet Explorer in your FoxPro Applications

Find out how to integrate Internet Explorer into your applications by using the Internet Explorer COM object and the Web Browser ActiveX control. This session starts with the basics of displaying Web and local HTML content and then delves into more advanced topics such as controlling and interacting with the IE document model (DOM) to manipulate and exchange data between the browser and your application. We'll also take a look at HTML editing using the control. This session is full of short examples and a handful of practical real world uses for this technology in running applications.
  Accessing and sharing data with .NET Web Services

Find out how you can access .Net Web Services from Visual FoxPro and exchange data in a variety of ways. This session focuses on how to pass and update shared data between client and server applications efficiently utilizing the ADO.Net data model and Web Service architecture. We start with a basic review of creating a .Net Web Service and calling it from VFP, and then progress to more advanced examples that demonstrate passing DataSets from .Net to VFP and processing them with the XMLAdapter class in Visual FoxPro. We'll talk about data strategies dealing with a central datasource (standard disconnected model) or synchronized datasources (both client and server have their own copies).