Bill Fields
  After a few years of Unix and Netware network administration, Bill dived head-on into software development in 1991. In 1996, he started building solutions with Visual FoxPro v5.0 using an application framework from Micro Endeavors Inc. Since then, VFP has been his primary development tool and he's developed applications used in many federal bankruptcy courts around the nation. He's also used Visual Studio, Informix, and a number of other third party tools to extend the capabilities of his applications. He's also a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and can be contacted at:
  Pre-Conference Session

VSS/VFP IDE Integration and What's New in Visual SourceSafe 2005 for the VFP Developer

Visual SourceSafe (VSS) has always been a good source code control option for VFP developers, but many have found it's IDE integration to be problematic, while others have just given up attempting to use this powerful feature. This session will show how to successfully use VSS's IDE integration in VFP as well as describe what VSS 2005 has in store for us. Bill has been using VSS for over 8 years and will be demonstrating many tips he's picked up along the way that make source code control integration with VFP a very workable prospect for small development teams. Items that will be covered:

1. Enabling VSS integration in VFP.
2. Developing a VSS/VFP source code management process.
3. Sharing common files and libraries across projects.
4. Maintaining VFP projects.
5. Source code auditing.