Bo Durban
  Creating custom report controls and customizing the report designer
The VFP report writer is very powerful, yet can fall short when more complex output is required. By leveraging the new ReportListener in VFP9 and the GDI+ libraries, you can create your own custom report controls and output ANYTHING to a VFP report. I can also show how to customize the VFP report desigenr to provide support for your custom controls.
There have been many tracks on creating custom output formats for VFP reports (PDF, XLS, etc...) This session shows you how to customize the report output by using custom report controls.

Skill level: Advanced
  Using GDI+ with VFP
The graphics capapbilities are very limited in VFP. I have been working with the GDI+ libraries for the past couple of years to create enhanced controls for VFP forms and reports.

The GDI+ libraries are a free addition to anyones application and can enhance the look of you app and your reports

Skill level: Advanced