Craig Berntson
  Craig has been developing custom and packaged software since 1984 and has worked with every version of Fox, beginning with FoxBase. Currently he uses Visual FoxPro 8 and 9, Microsoft SQL Server, and C++ to develop medical coding and database software for 3M Health Information Systems in Salt Lake City. He has authored articles for FoxTalk and the VFUG Newsletter and wrote the book CrysDev: A Developer's Guide to Integrating Crystal Reports, available from Hentzenwerke Publishing. Craig has spoken at Advisor DevCon, Great Lakes Great Database Workshop, Southwest Fox, Essential Fox, DevTeach, FoxCon, German VFP DevCon, several Microsoft events, and user groups around the country. He is the President of the Salt Lake City Fox User group, where he is also a frequent speaker, a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, and has been a Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP since 1997.

You can reach Craig at: or read his blog at

  Designing with UML

The Unified Modeling Language is a way to design, construct, and document software that will result in better software design. By using various UML diagrams, you will better understand the problem to solve and how different parts of a system interact.

Attendees will learn how to...
1. How to use UML on a new application
2. How to apply UML to understand an existing application
3. What are the basic diagrams of UML
4. What UML tools are available

Skill Level/Prerequisites Intermediate to Advanced

  Agile Software Development

We keep hearing the praises of agile software development, but does this really mean? Do you have to completely change the way you develop software to use agile? What if you are a corporate developer, deeply entrenched in the waterfall methodology?

Attendees will learn how to...
1. What exactly is agile?
2. What are the different agile methodologies? How do they differ? How are they similar?
3. " How can you incorporate agile into your development group?

Skill Level/Prerequisites Beginner to Advanced