Craig Boyd
  Craig Boyd is the CEO of SweetPotato Software, Inc. (SPS). Having worked in every version of FoxPro since 2.5, he is an avid and experienced Visual FoxPro developer. He is also the creator and host of the popular SPS Weblog, which contains some great Visual FoxPro related content at Craig has developed a number of applications for US and International clients, and he specializes in helping other software companies meet challenging deadlines, solve complex problems, and upgrade project interfaces. When he's not working on client projects, writing blog entries, or helping members of the Visual FoxPro Community out on the forums, he writes magazine articles geared toward Visual FoxPro developers.
  VFP World Domination
Attendees are given a morale boosting presentation regarding Visual FoxPro's future and the ability of the Visual FoxPro Community to make a huge difference in the visibility, usefulness, and overall success of Visual FoxPro. What's being done, can be done, and the very real future of Microsoft's premiere data-centric development platform.

Take Aways:
Tons and tons of VFP examples including source code, class libs, flls, and activex controls. Basically most of the stuff I've produced over the last couple years and freely given to the VFP Community.

Skill level: All Levels
Suggested prerequisites: None
  Building .NET ActiveX Controls for use in VFP
This session will show attendees how they can build .NET ActiveX controls for use in Visual FoxPro. Attendees will be taken into Visual Studio 2005 and shown the basic process in both C# and VB .NET. They will also be shown how these ActiveX controls are registered and used in the Visual FoxPro designer as well as at runtime.

Take Aways:
Sample .NET ActiveX code and controls Visual FoxPro Examples

Skill level: Beginner
Suggested prerequisites: None