Ken Levy
  Ken Levy is a product planner on Microsoft's Windows Live Platform team working on developer API services, portal, and community. Ken was previously Microsoft's VS Data product manager which includes Visual FoxPro and the XML tools sponsorship for Visual Studio. Ken is a long time recognized member of the FoxPro community and has developed many high profile applications and tools in all versions of FoxBase/FoxPro since 1986. Ken was previously the Director of Technology at an XML-centric venture capital firm and led a team of technologists in identifying and evaluating investment prospects while assisting portfolio companies in technology and marketing. Ken spent over 4 years as a software engineer consulting for Microsoft on the Visual FoxPro team from and is the developer of many components of Visual FoxPro including the Class Browser and Component Gallery. While working as a consultant at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the early 1990s, Ken developed several public domain open source programs including GenScrnX and other developer tools used worldwide for in-house and commercial applications. Ken is a former technical contributing writer/editor to many software magazines and has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences world wide since 1992. Ken has been in front of the camera in many videos and is also a part-time Channel 9 team member behind the camera as the interviewer. Ken's blog is found at
  Windows Live Platform for Developers
This session will go into details with demos on what the Windows Live Platform platform is and how it relates to developers. Details will also include how to developers and business can monetize using the various Windows Live services as well as add value to existing web, desktop, and device applications. There will be many demos showing how various Windows Live API services can be used together to create useful mashups. The demos will include API services and developer SDKs using services such as Messenger, Search, Virtual Earth (VE), Windows Live Local, Contacts, and more. There will also be details included about Microsoft's new developer-centric web site and a preview into what new services and developer offerings are coming in the future for the platform, such as the .NET based SDK for Windows Live ID authentication for integrating Windows Live services into client applications. Ken's blog: