Rod Paddock
  Rod Paddock is president and founder of Dash Point Software, Inc. DPSI is an award winning software company based in Seattle, WA. Dash Point Software specializes in application architecture, development and software training. Clients include Six Flags, First Premier Bank, Microsoft, The US Coast Guard and US Navy.

Dash Point specializes in Visual Studio .NET (C# and VB.NET), Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, and SQL Server development. Rod has been a very popular speaker at a wide variety of developer conferences in North America and Europe since 1995. His most recent speaking appearance was at the DevTeach 2005 conference in Montreal Canada. Rod was made an MSDN Canada speaker in 2004 and is currently a Microsoft VB.NET MVP.

Rod is also editor in chief for Code Magazine and has written numerous articles and books on software development.

Rod can be contacted via his web site or his blog

  Understanding The .NET Framework

This is a single two hour session.

Frameworks, namespaces, interfaces, overloads, attributes oh My. There are a ton of new concepts to learn when it comes to understanding the .NET Framework. This session will introduce some of the most important topics necessary to succeed in building .NET applications.

Attendees will learn how to...
1. The importance of interfaces in the .NET Framework.
2. How classes are organized in the .NET framework.
3. OOP concepts in .NET.
4. How to better understand the .NET framework.
5. Basic introduction to the My Namespace and how it is helpful for VFP developers.

Skill Level/Prerequisites Intro to Intermediate. Basic OOP constructs