Toni Feltman
  Toni Feltman, a Microsoft Certified Professional, is an experienced software developer, project manager, instructor and speaker. She recently joined the staff of GiftRAP Corporation as a Senior Visual FoxPro Developer. GiftRAP is an innovative provider of software solutions for the healthcare industry located in Jupiter, Florida

Toni remains as a Vice President and Partner at F1 Technologies and is still an integral part of the company. During her 14 years at F1 Technologies she has served as both a developer and project manager on numerous projects and as Product Manager for the highly successful FoxExpress product line.

Toni is a well known contributor to the Visual FoxPro development community. She has spoken at most major FoxPro conferences in North America and Europe over the last several years. Although Toni has expertise in a number of areas, she generally focuses her presentations on Team Development, XML, n-Tier Development and new features in Visual FoxPro.

Toni has penned several articles for Advisor Guide to Microsoft Visual FoxPro and is co-author of What's New in Visual FoxPro 9.0 (Hentzenwerke Publishing). Toni also designed and developed Project HookX, a public domain utility designed to allow developers to manage and use multiple project hooks on a single Visual FoxPro Project. Toni is one of several co-authors of DBCX, a public domain data dictionary tool used or supported by many notable Visual FoxPro products including the Stonefield Data Dictionary, Visual FoxExpress, FoxFire! and Stonefield Query.

Toni taught for several years at the University of Toledo on a wide variety of technologies including Microsoft Office applications, XML, various Internet development technologies and database design and programming. Toni also enjoyed a stint as an instructor for AppDev.

Toni's introduction to the FoxPro community came while she worked in the technical support department at Fox Software. Toni was a senior level support technician and Sysop of the Fox Software Forum on CompuServe.

Toni Graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1989 with a BA in Management Information Systems

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  Using Version Control with Visual FoxPro
More and more FoxPro developers are making use of version control software. Even more should be. The inexperienced often view version control software as a hindrance. The experienced recognize it as a productivity booster that can often save your bacon. In this session, Toni will teach you how to productively make use of version control software with VFP. She’ll also compare and contrast 5 of the most popular version control software programs available to help you choose the one that’s best for you. The packages Toni will cover are Visual Source Safe 6.0, Visual Source Safe 2005, Source Off Site, Source Gear Vault and Subversion. If you’re not using version control software with VFP, this session is definitely for you. If you are using version control and would like to know more about all of the various offerings this session is also for you.

Attendees will learn:
1. The basics of Version Control (check in, check out, rollback, pin, branch)
2. The pros and cons of 5 of the more popular version control programs.
3. How to effectively integrate a VFP Project with a Version Control package.
4. How to use Version Control on FoxPro projects outside of project manager integration.

Skill level: Foundation
Suggested prerequisites: None
  Using InfoPath as the Face of your VFP Application
For years, Toni has been talking about n-tier application design with VFP. The idea behind n-tier design is to break an application into distinct layers so that any single layer can be swapped out and replaced with one of a different flavor. This session will further expand on this topic by showing how to use InfoPath as the user interface (or Face) of part of a VFP Application. InfoPath is a lightweight information gathering technology that is part of Microsoft Office and can be easily integrated with new or existing VFP applications.

Attendees will:
1. Learn how to create basic InfoPath forms with validation.
2. Examine how to build the VFP components necessary to consume the InfoPath Data.
3. Show how to integrate the InfoPath and your VFP components.
4. Discuss any issues related to packaging and distribution of this type of solution.

Skill level: Advanced
Suggested prerequisites: None