The Southwest Fox 2008 session schedule is now available. One thing you might note is that we’ve planned a dinner party for Friday night this year. Also, vendor sessions are held concurrently with other sessions rather than in the evenings as they were last year.

I posted a new video demoing one of the cool features I’m showing in my session on Advantage Database Server: full text search capabilities, even against VFP tables.

Former VFP Product Manager Ken Levy will be at Southwest Fox, hanging out at the VFPConversion booth and showing a new utility he’s created and releasing into the public domain.

One of the bonus sessions this year is "Show Us Your Apps", an opportunity to show the crowd what cool things you’ve done in VFP. Because there’s a limited amount of time available, presenters are limited to 10-15 minutes each. Please email to let us know what you’d like to show.

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Rick Schummer · September 8, 2008 at 7:34 pm

Legal team recommended disclaimer: the *tentative session schedule* is now available. Please be advised this schedule is subject to change at the whim of the organizers. We are still more than a month away from the conference, and minor tweaks were made to last year’s schedule a couple of weeks before the conference started based on feedback from our presenters.

Still, the schedule looks outstanding!

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