October is here. Southwest Fox is this month. Holy cow, Southwest Fox is THIS month? Already.

Okay, I should have realized this before based on the flurry of emails between Doug, Tamar and I, but last week it hit me that we are weeks away from heading to Mesa. Decisions on the food, finalizing the conference booklet (already over 40 pages this year) and eval forms, sending in the speaker and t-shirt orders, figuring out when we will hold drawings for over US$100,000 in prizes, and getting things like the badge materials organized. Seems like there is still a million things to do, but I feel more organized this time around, and there are still a couple of surprises up our sleeves.

So I think I will take one more opportunity to let you know we still have time to register. So join the other 140 attendees and speakers from 31 states, 7 countries on two continents in Mesa in just two short weeks.

Those registered for the conference will get several emails between now and the beginning of the conference with all kinds of details. If you have not received the first update email please let me know at info AT swfox.net.

Only 15 days until we meet in Mesa!

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Rick Schummer

Rick is the lead organizer of Southwest Fox and president of White Light Computing, one of the platinum sponsors of the conference.


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