Based on our customer feedback we have released a new version of the Conference Registration applet. If you have already installed the first release (Build 151) you can install the new version (build 161) right over the existing folder. All your data will be preserved, but a new version of the EXE and the Help file will get installed. The newest build is a full install if you have not installed this applet at all. The same one install works for everyone.

There is no need to resend your registration if you have already registered (yes, several people have)!

Here is the list of changes for this build:

  • Message is displayed if you previously sent in a registration when you start the application. If you cancelled the registration before it was emailed you can delete the ZIP file(s) from the SendZip folder if you don’t want to see this message.
  • Tooltip on the highlighted area warning you contact information is shared with select vendors. The tooltip tells you which information is shared with the vendors.
  • Added shortcut menu to all textboxes and editboxes to help with undo, cut, copy, paste, clear, and select all functionality. This was added specifically to meet a request from a tablet PC user, but naturally works for everyone.
  • Additional adjustments were made to help out those with low resolutions or for those working on tablet PCs in portrait (tall and narrow) mode.
  • Added hyperlinks to conference Twitter page and the Southwest Fox Conference blog.
  • Updated specific data entry elements in the Help file to note the information shared with vendors. (Name, company, address, city/province/region, country, email, daytime phone number)
  • Updated the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) topic.

There was one minor bug:

  • Corrected the registration date and time when registration is sent to organizers.

Please download the new setup file before sending in your registration to enjoy some of the tweaks and to provide the smoothest of experiences. All the details about the registration process can be found on the conference registration page, including the download and a 15 minute video showing you the installation and using the registration applet.

Rick Schummer

Rick is the lead organizer of Southwest Fox and president of White Light Computing, one of the platinum sponsors of the conference.


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