Mark your calendars! We’ve nailed down the dates for Southwest Fox 2011. It’ll take place October 26-29 and we’ll return to the SanTan Legado and Elegante in Gilbert, AZ. There will be a post-conference event on the afternoon of October 29 and the morning of October 30.

There are several differences this year:

  • First, we’re in a different week in October. That’s to avoid a conflict with the Jewish holy days.
  • Second, we’re starting on Wednesday and finishing on Saturday, instead of the usual Thursday to Sunday. That’s to make sure you can get home in time for Halloween.
  • Third, the post-con will be split over two days. Again, that’s to help you get home for Halloween. Plan to be there. This event will knock your socks off!

See you all in Arizona in October.


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