When we sent out the “save the date” notice for Southwest Fox 2012 last week, we asked people to tell us about topics they’d like to see included. As we receive them, we’re planning to put them in this blog, so prospective speakers can see them.

So far, we’ve received two suggestions, one rather broad, one very detailed:

1) One attendee says “I need to learn more about using SQL server.”

2) Another says “I would love a session on how to set up a remote database to access from a VFP application. For me it would have to be a ‘beginner’ session and include things like how to set up an internet server, what security issues there are and suggestions on how to deal with them, suggested tricks and techniques to use in the VFP application to access the data, and anything else needed that I don’t know about.”

If you have topics you’d like to hear about, either send them to info@swfox.net or just reply to this post.

Updated 21-March-2012

We received another idea from an attendee: I would like to know how to update and query a SQL Server database via XML from a FoxPro application for remote access to a database.
I know this is something Rick Strahl has worked with but his methods require his server application to process the transactions.


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