We’re getting close to releasing the Call for Speakers for the 2017 conferences. (Watch the News page.) As we’ve done in the past, we want to offer prospective speakers ideas for welcome topics. The list below comes from both the evaluations filled in by 2016 attendees and a survey we did recently. Please add your thoughts,both on these topics and on what’s missing, in the comments to this post.

First, the list from the 2016 evaluations:

  • UI
  • VFP in cloud
  • Computer/network security (general session)
  • REST API with VFP
  • oAuth with VFP
  • Reporting sessions
  • Disaster recovery
  • Case studies
  • Error handling
  • Advanced SQL Server
  • Business development, marketing, advertising, sales, customer service
  • Web technologies (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), Client side web development – JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, JSON, etc., Web services
  • .NET technologies (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Mobile technologies (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • 64-bit VFP compiler
  • Building applications to run as a service and building complimentary UI based apps to interact with and/or control that service’s behavior.
  • Upsizing applications
  • VFPX bonus session
  • Q & A session

Now, the additional topics mentioned in our SurveyMonkey survey:

  • More of the Xbase++ from the FoxPro perspective (like Alec Gagne gave in 2016)
  • Refactoring (to Xbase++)
  • A overview of web development – MVC, ASP, Angular, JSON, etc. what is each.
  • Business Intelligence
  • Remote Desktop
  • CXP within Web Technologies
  • DBF corruption causes and avoidance
  • Migration Ideas and Case Studies – Going from VFP to cloud and/or mobile
  • Non .NET approaches to replace Visual FoxPro
  • “Foxpro is _NOT_ dead!”
  • Foxpro and AngularJS
  • Who earns a lot of money these days WITH FoxPRO, and how they do it
  • Stupid mistakes with VFP you probably don’t know you’re making
  • Reporting through XBASE ++
  • Creation of forms in XBase ++
  • What’s broken in VFP? Given changes in Windows and Networks what does not work in VFP any more? What are the work arounds?
  • Node.js
  • Big data
  • No SQL databases
  • Express++ with Roger Donnay
  • The good way to do things with Steffen (like File Locks and Unlocks, when, how the system works with files on the low level)
  • User Interfaces
  • More on CXP


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