Here are some follow-up notes about Virtual Fox Fest 2021 (May), the second online event hosted by Geek Gatherings:

  • Videos for all presentations are now available on YouTube for free to everyone, as our contribution to the VFP community. Be sure to subscribe to our channel.
  • If you didn’t attend Virtual Fox Fest and want materials (white papers and sample code) for the presentations, go to and “register” for the conference. You’re not really registering since it’s over, but in the Registration Fees section of the registration page, you’ll see “Virtual Fox Fest 2021 Session Materials (download)”. The cost of the materials is $99. You can also purchase materials for the 2020 conference if you missed that, and there’s an opportunity to sponsor Virtual Fox Fest, which means your name will be listed on our Sponsors page.
  • The next Virtual Fox Fest is scheduled for this fall: October 14, 20, and 26, 2021. We’ll be issuing the call for speakers in the next week or two. Watch for announcements of speakers and sessions by the summer.
  • We have tentative dates for an in-person Southwest Fox conference next year: October 27-30, 2022, at the same location as previous years: the SanTan Conference Center in Gilbert, Arizona.
  • If you didn’t attend Virtual Fox Fest, check out our Facebook page and see what you missed, then plan to attend a future one so you can join in the fun.


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