Each year, we post a list of topics suggested by attendees on the previous year’s conference evaluations to help people who want to submit proposals. (Here are the last few versions: 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018.)

Here’s this year’s list, with suggestions from Virtual Fox Fest 2021, organized and de-duped. (As we write this, the one-day Virtual Fox Fest May 2022 is still a week away.). Of course, we also welcome topics not on this list and submitting a topic from this list doesn’t guarantee we’ll choose your session.

  • VFP’s object-orientation
  • More basic VFP code talk
  • More Thor tools
  • Automation with Office 365
  • Email with SSL
  • Working in Windows 11/64bit
  • SQL Server
  • More SQL/VFP sessions
  • Switching to SQL
  • Tools for SQL Server
  • SSRS
  • A primer on SSIS
  • Converting a VFP desktop app to the web
  • Issues running VFP desktop apps using RDP or TSPlus
  • Moving to something else (Macrosoft, Servoy, etc.) from VFP
  • Real-life experience of converting VFP app to .NET with pros/cons of tools used.
  • C# for VFP programmers
  • More in interacting with .Net/external DLLs
  • Accessing 64bit DLLS
  • Interoperating with other platforms
  • Business/productivity sessions

If there are topics you’d like to hear about at Virtual Fox Fest 2022 (October), please add them in the comments. If you’re interested in speaking at Virtual Fox Fest 2021 (October), check out the Call for Speakers.


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