We really want to have an in-person conference. We love the chance to see members of our community face-to-face and interact both during conference hours and outside them. If that matters to you, we need you to show up this year. Without at least 15 more in-person registrations by July 26, we will have to switch to an all-virtual conference, and we won’t be planning any future in-person events. For those signed up for the in-person conference, do not make plane reservations until we announce the decision for the in-person conference, which we expect to make soon after July 26th.

The conference takes place September 26-29, 2024 in Scottsdale, Arizona and we really hope you can be there. Head over to the registration Web site today: https://geekgatherings.com/Registration

Contact Us: 

  • Interested in being a sponsor? Contact our sponsor representative: sponsors@geekgatherings.com 
  • If you have ideas or suggestions for this year’s Southwest Fox, please email them to: info@geekgatherings.com
  • If you have a friend who wants to be on our mailing list, please tell them to go to the conference home page and sign up https://swfox.net.
  • Call: 586.254.2530


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