2010 VFPX Administrators Award

The VFPX Administrators Award is an annual award given by the VFPX Administrators (Craig Boyd, Rick Schummer, and Doug Hennig) to recognize those people who made outstanding contributions to the VFP community through their projects on VFPX. The nominees this year were:

  • Jim Nelson for his work on PEM Editor, Code References, and FoxChart Tools (add-ons)
  • David Holden for SubFox
  • Andrew Ross MacNeill for Code Analyst
  • Emerson Santon Reed for Themed Controls
  • Francis Faure for the VFP 9 SP2 Help file and VFP 9.0 Localization in French

At the keynote for Southwest Fox 2010, the awards were given to Jim Nelson and Francis Faure (to be delivered by Thierry Nivelet). You can watch a video of the keynote at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/swfoxtv.

Congratulations to both Jim and Francis and thanks for all your efforts in making VFPX the future of VFP.

2010 FoxPro Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

It was my great pleasure to announce at Southwest Fox 2010 the recipients of the 2010 FoxPro Lifetime Achievement Award: Lisa Slater Nicholls and Rick Schummer. The stars must have been perfectly aligned because Lisa’s husband, well-known FoxPro guru Colin, and Rick’s wife Therese and parents Phil and Carole were in attendance. I obviously had to tell Lisa in advance so she could come to Phoenix but Rick was taken completely by surprise. In fact, I’ve never seen him speechless before.

Congratulations, Rick and Lisa; I can’t think of more deserving people and in Lisa’s case, long overdue. Hopefully we’ll have some video uploaded soon that shows them receiving their awards; check http://www.swfox.net/videos.aspx.

Keynote Speaker: Craig Boyd

Keynotes at Southwest Fox are normally exciting and this year we think we have a real winner lined up.

While Craig Boyd couldn’t do his planned sessions at this year’s Southwest Fox, we did some arm twisting and put on the full court press to convince him to do the keynote presentation.

We are waiting for Craig to finalize his topics, but we wanted to let you know so you are even more fired up about coming to Southwest Fox this year.

If you are registered for the conference please watch for more details in the normal emails we send out over the next few weeks before the conference.

We are also looking for an individual or a company to split the sponsorship of the keynote with White Light Computing. Contact Geek Gatherings if you are interested: info AT SWFox.NET.

Keeping conference delegates informed

Conferences are dynamic in nature and organizers have a lot of details to pass along to the people who come each year. The Southwest Fox organizers process communication via email and we normally get high marks for keeping people informed.

We already have sent out three emails to people who are registered:

1) Early August
Added Eric Selje as speaker, hotel change reminder, international travel information, request for Show Us Your App, door prizes, books from Hentzenwerke for everyone, teaser video tease, and request to tell a friend about SWFox.

2) Mid-September
Your registration details and t-shirt size,  request for Show Us Your App, notification of the schedule page update, KOKOPELLI coming, last minute Polo shirts order, telling you session materials will be available before the conference, transportation, hotel, and information from the sponsors.

3) Late September
Keynote speaker announcement

What can you expect communication wise from the organizers before we arrive in Gilbert?

1) Early October
What is printed on your badge (so you can inform us of corrections), your status for the Who’s Coming List (in case you want to change it), what you have registered (friendly reminder), where you can get the Schedule, KOKOPELLI, what the food arrangements are finalized, registration details, and lots more…

2) A week before the conference starts:
Weather forecasts, download link and credentials to the conference materials, download link to the Conference Guide, ideas on enhancing your conference experience, potential side-effects of the conference, transportation, registration times, and lots more…

3) The Monday before the conference:
Pre-conference session details and reminders, download link and credentials to the conference materials (yes, again <g>), Show Us Your App schedule (provided people sign up to present – still need more sessions), more transportation details, and lots more…

After the conference we send out follow-up emails too to remind you about FTP credentials, getting us the evaluations, requesting photos you took, information from the vendors, and any updates from our speakers.

So it is critical you ensure we have your current email address for your registration. There is lots of information we want to share with our delegates.

Only 18 days until we gather in Glibert!

Speaker Ch-ch-changes…

We have some news to share about our speaker line up for Southwest Fox 2010.

We are disappointed that Craig Boyd will be unable to present at Southwest Fox 2010; we look forward to his return in the future.

We are delighted that Jody Meyer has agreed to step in. She’ll present two topics: “Web Development using CSS – 101” and “It’s Easy & It’s Green: PDF Output.”  Jody did a terrific job as a rookie speaker at last year’s Southwest Fox. You can learn more about Jody on our speakers page (http://swfox.net/speakers.aspx) and read all about her sessions on our sessions page (http://swfox.net/sessions.aspx).

Only five weeks until Southwest Fox!

Two Great Reasons to Attend Southwest Fox

Kevin Ragsdale blogged about two good reasons to attend Southwest Fox this year. His reasons were the previews Bo Durban and Steve Ellenoff give for their Southwest Fox sessions. I especially liked these comments:

“During Bo’s session, my mind was spinning with new ways of approaching the web browser control in my apps. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could start working on them. Some of them I’ve already tried, and the speed increase on displaying HTML in my app is incredible. And this means Bo’s session alone is worth the cost of the conference to me.”

“In short, Steve’s done a ton of work that I have avoided like the plague.”

Of course, I think there’s a lot more than two good reasons: more like 200! One for each session (you learn a lot in each one), one for each speaker (you get to hang out with and pick the brains of the brightest VFP developers on the planet for free!), one for each attendee (networking with other developers is one of the most important reasons to attend any conference), plus the food, the fun (don’t forget go-karts this year!), and the gorgeous Phoenix weather.

If you haven’t already registered for Southwest Fox, check out the session line-up and who else is coming that you might like to meet or renew acquaintances with, then sign up for Southwest Fox before the September 1 early-bird deadline.

Southwest Fox 2010 Change of Venue

We have a big change for Southwest Fox we need to share with you.

For the last three years, we have held Southwest Fox at the Arizona Golf Resort and Conference Center. Until recently we expected this would be true for Southwest Fox 2010 as well. Due to a change in the ownership of the Arizona Golf Resort, we have made the difficult decision to relocate.

We are happy to announce Southwest Fox 2010 is packing up and moving a little south to the new SanTan Elegante Conference & Reception Center and Legado Hotel in Gilbert, Arizona.

We are excited about this upgrade in facilities. The hotel and conference center are brand new. Additionally, the room rate of $119 a night is less than last year’s lowest rate. There is a nice mall with lots of great restaurants within a mile of the hotel and conference center.

Legado Hotel and SanTan Elegante Conference and Reception Center
1800 S. San Tan Village Parkway
Gilbert, Arizona 85296

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause anyone, but it was a necessary change.

In deciding to change venues, we considered a number of important factors. Some people have already booked flights to Phoenix, or have made other plans during and around the conference. Changing the conference dates or moving to a different city would have been unfair to them.

Same great Visual FoxPro conference, wonderful new location. We hope you share our excitement and look forward to learning, sharing and camaraderie in our new home. See you in Gilbert in October.


Southwest Fox 2010 News Update

Southwest Fox 2010 SuperSaver deadline approaches

Your opportunity to save big on registration for Southwest Fox ends soon.

Super-saver registration offers $125 off the price of the conference, and gives you one free half-day pre-conference session, for total savings of $224. In addition, you’ll be eligible for drawings of three $150 scholarships, a copy of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN ( a $11,899 value), a license of Stonefield Query SDK (a $6,000 value), and a license for Studio Controls for COM from DBi Technologies (a $749 value). But hurry, because the super-saver offer expires on July 1.

Two 2010 Ceil Silver Ambassadors named

Thanks to the generosity of the VFP community, we have enough money to bring two developers to Southwest Fox as 2010 Ceil Silver Ambassadors. Geek Gatherings is pleased to announce that César Chalom and Bernard Bout have been selected as the ambassadors for Brazil and Australia, respectively.

FoxShow Interview

Listen to Andrew MacNeill interview Rick Schummer, Tamar Granor, and Doug Hennig about Southwest Fox 2010 on the FoxShow #65.