Conferences are dynamic in nature and organizers have a lot of details to pass along to the people who come each year. The Southwest Fox organizers process communication via email and we normally get high marks for keeping people informed.

We already have sent out three emails to people who are registered:

1) Early August
Added Eric Selje as speaker, hotel change reminder, international travel information, request for Show Us Your App, door prizes, books from Hentzenwerke for everyone, teaser video tease, and request to tell a friend about SWFox.

2) Mid-September
Your registration details and t-shirt size,  request for Show Us Your App, notification of the schedule page update, KOKOPELLI coming, last minute Polo shirts order, telling you session materials will be available before the conference, transportation, hotel, and information from the sponsors.

3) Late September
Keynote speaker announcement

What can you expect communication wise from the organizers before we arrive in Gilbert?

1) Early October
What is printed on your badge (so you can inform us of corrections), your status for the Who’s Coming List (in case you want to change it), what you have registered (friendly reminder), where you can get the Schedule, KOKOPELLI, what the food arrangements are finalized, registration details, and lots more…

2) A week before the conference starts:
Weather forecasts, download link and credentials to the conference materials, download link to the Conference Guide, ideas on enhancing your conference experience, potential side-effects of the conference, transportation, registration times, and lots more…

3) The Monday before the conference:
Pre-conference session details and reminders, download link and credentials to the conference materials (yes, again <g>), Show Us Your App schedule (provided people sign up to present – still need more sessions), more transportation details, and lots more…

After the conference we send out follow-up emails too to remind you about FTP credentials, getting us the evaluations, requesting photos you took, information from the vendors, and any updates from our speakers.

So it is critical you ensure we have your current email address for your registration. There is lots of information we want to share with our delegates.

Only 18 days until we gather in Glibert!

Rick Schummer

Rick is the lead organizer of Southwest Fox and president of White Light Computing, one of the platinum sponsors of the conference.


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