Southwest Fox 2017

October 26-29, 2017
SanTan Elegante Conference Center
Gilbert, AZ

Who's Coming

This isn't a complete list of attendees, only those who have authorized the conference organizers to include his or her name in the list. There are currently 66 attendees registered, including speakers and exhibitors. The count beside each state/country shows the total number of attendees from that region, including those who don't want their name included.

If you want your photo to appear beside your name, sign up for a Gravatar account and upload your photo.

Speaker beside a person's name indicates that person is a speaker; click to see their biography.

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AZ 2 Taylor, Fred
CA 6 Becker, Paul
  Ferens, John
  Green, Ken LinkedIn
  Spencer, Doug
CO 2 Glassman, Mike
  Landrum, Todd LinkedIn Twitter Blog
FL 1 Sosa, Alex Facebook Twitter
GA 3 Bernard, Dave Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Blog
  Stevens, Tim
  Teasdale, Dakota
HI 1 Strahl, Rick Speaker Twitter Blog
IA 1 Ritter, Steve Google+ height=
IL 4 Borup, Rick LinkedIn Twitter Blog Google+ height=
  Bosma, Randy
  O'Hara, Patrick LinkedIn
  Vinitsky, Tuvia Speaker LinkedIn Blog
KS 2 Goering, Stein
  Olson, Matthew Facebook Twitter
MA 1 Belkin, Allen Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
MI 8 Addison, Rich
  Bean, Rick LinkedIn Twitter
  Hanna, Dave LinkedIn
  Meyer, Jody Twitter
  Mrozowski, Paul Twitter Blog
  Perez, Frank LinkedIn Twitter Blog
  Potjer, Michael
  Schummer, Rick Speaker Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Blog Google+ height=
MT 3 Pittenger, Steven LinkedIn
  Violett, Stacy LinkedIn Twitter
NC 2 Austin, Anthony LinkedIn Twitter
  Sherwood, Phil Speaker Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Blog Google+ height=
NJ 2 Kullmann, John LinkedIn
  Shah, G. N. LinkedIn
NY 1 Smith, Deb LinkedIn
OH 2 Cannon, Ryan
  Feltman, Toni Speaker LinkedIn Twitter Blog
OR 1 Nash, Mark
PA 2 Granor, Tamar Speaker LinkedIn Twitter
  Pierce, Bob
TX 2 Champenois, Cecil Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Blog
VA 1 Clark, Kevin
VT 1 Malinowski, Scott
Canada 9 Amelard, Jack
  Bartlett, Crystal
  Charles, Shane LinkedIn Twitter Blog
  Gill, Bali Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
  Godfrey, Randy Twitter
  Hennig, Doug Speaker Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Blog
  Leeming, Jonathan LinkedIn
  Smith, Derek
  Waud, Charles
Denmark 1 Jeppesen, Brian
Germany 1 Wollenhaupt, Christof Speaker Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Blog Google+ height=
Ireland 1 McGuire, Darragh LinkedIn Twitter
New Zealand 1 Taylor, Ross
Norway 1 Bleken, Tore
Serbia 1 Gajinovic, Slobodan Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
The Netherlands 1 Heshusius, Robert
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