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Thank you for making Southwest Fox 2004 a tremendous success!


Marcia Akins:

Automation with VFP
Practical Uses of the Windows API


Art Bergquist:

Best Practices for the VFP Developer
Tricks are for Grids


Craig Berntson:

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Using the
Windows Event Log

  Toni Feltman:

Intellisense for Applications
Team Development with Visual FoxPro


Mike Helland:

Using Event Binding in VFP
Using Exception Handling in VFP

  Doug Hennig:

Extending the VFP9 Reporting System Part I: Design-time
Extending the VFP9 Reporting System Part II: Run-time


Andy Kramek:

Designing a Database - How to do it right, first time
Implementing Design Patterns in VFP

  Mark McCasland:

Neutralize Your Data Source with Cursor Adapters
"VFP 9 Potpourri for $1000, Alex"


Barbara Peisch:

Client Relationships 101
Setting up a Windows Web Server

  Les Pinter:

Visual FoxPro to VB.NET: What do you have to know?
Using SQL Server with Visual FoxPro


Cathy Pountney:

What's New in the VFP Report Writer
The VFP 9.0 Report Writer in Action

  Rick Schummer:

Creating and Using Real World Builders - Made Easy
Get More Productive with Visual FoxPro


Drew Speedie:

What Your Mother Never Told You About Instantiating / Destroying Forms
Working With Events in Visual Foxpro

  David Stevenson:

Re-architecting FoxPro Applications: Converting to Business Objects
Re-architecting FoxPro Applications: Encapsulating Old Code

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