What do you want to learn, 2020 edition?

Each year, we post a list of topics suggested by attendees on the previous year’s conference evaluations in order to help people who want to submit proposals. (Here’s the 2019 list, as well as the 2018 and 2017 versions.)

Here’s this year’s list, organized and de-duped. Obviously, we welcome topics not on this list, too.

  • X#
  • VFP Advanced
  • wwDotNetBridge
  • C#, including introductory sessions
  • SQL, including migrating from VFP to a SQL backend
  • Multi-tenant architecture and considerations
  • Web services
  • The new VFPX MenuDesigner Professional
  • VFPX
  • More ways to use VFP

If there’s something you’re hoping we cover this year, please add it to the comments for this post.

If you’d like to be considered as a speaker for Southwest Fox 2020, please check our Call for Speakers page.

SuperSaver deadline approaches

Registration for Southwest Fox 2019 has been open for a few weeks and there’s less than a week until the Super-Saver Registration deadline. If you register before the end of June, you save $125 and we’ll throw in a pre-conference session worth $99. Not only that, but you’ll be entered in the drawings for a scholarship that will reduce your cost even more and a license of Stonefield Query SDK, a $2,500 value. Check out the speakers and topics on the conference website.

Please beat the rush so we still have some fingernails left when July begins! No need to wait, we won’t charge your card or cash your check until the middle of July!

We’re on the FoxShow

Andrew Ross MacNeill, the host of the FoxShow, interviewed each of the Southwest Fox organizers separately this year and talked to each of about how we got into computing, why we go to conferences and much more. The first two of the shows are available now.

Doug Hennig on FoxShow #84

Rick Schummer on FoxShow #85

We’ll let you know when Tamar’s interview is posted. Thanks, Andrew, as always for helping us spread the word about Southwest Fox.

Southwest Fox 2019 Registration is Open!

Registration for Southwest Fox (http://www.swfox.net/register.aspx) is now available. See http://www.swfox.net/speakers.aspx for a list of speakers and http://www.swfox.net/sessionsswfox.aspx for a list of sessions. Super-Saver Registration, which saves you $125, is available only through June 30th, so don’t wait.

Putting on a conference is a risky endeavor. Conference centers require a guaranteed minimum income to block the dates of a conference; for a conference like Southwest Fox, that minimum is in the tens of thousands of dollars. We have to commit to the conference center by July 2nd and need your support by July 1st to make that commitment. We will not send out any “We need your help” appeals so please do not wait; register by June 30th! We know most of you like to wait until the last minute to avoid the credit card bill arriving too soon. We will not charge any attendee credit cards or cash any checks until we have committed to going forward (sometime after July 2), so this is not is a reason to wait.

We look forward to seeing you in October!

Southwest Fox blog rises from the ashes

Like the name of the major metropolitan area we host Southwest Fox, Phoenix rise from the ashes to start another cycle of life, so has our blog that was reduced to hot dust a couple of weeks ago by events unknown to us or the hosting company where the blog resides.

Thanks to all who were patient during this time as we worked with professionals who know the inner workings of the blogging engine.

If you have ideas you would like to see presented in October, leave a comment on our “What do you want to learn, 2019 edition?” post.

If you have session topics you want to present at Southwest Fox 2019, head over to the Call for Speakers page for the document we posted with all the details. Doug, Tamar and I look forward to reviewing lots of session topics again this year.

We also look forward to seeing everyone this October in Phoenix.

What do you want to learn, 2019 edition?

Every year about this time, we post a list of topics attendees from the previous year suggested for future conferences, so that prospective speakers can consider them. (Here’s the 2018 list, as well as the 2017 and 2016 versions.)

Here’s the list from the Southwest Fox 2018 evaluations. We’ve organized it a little and eliminated duplicates. We also recognize that Southwest Fox attendees represent only a fraction of the VFP community (though they’re a significantly larger fraction of those willing and able to come to a conference).

If there’s something you’re hoping will be covered at Southwest Fox 2019, please add it in the comments. If you’re thinking of submitting sessions for this year’s conference, this list may give you some ideas what to propose.

  • More VFPX
  • Role of open source in VFP development and extension
  • Broken VFP components and core functions and their viable replacements
  • Working with external APIs
  • Tips and tricks on various VFP tools and utilities
  • Using or creating report listeners in VFP
  • Report layout or design rules for better looking reports
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server-related topics (e.g., SSIS, SSRS, T-SQL)
  • Case study of setting up (or converting) a VFP app using one of the SQL backends
  • Which backend to use for networked enterprise vs single-user, one-computer scenario
  • In-depth training on SQL Server tools, tuning, optimization, etc.
  • Swift
  • Xojo
  • Python
  • Xbase++
  • C#
  • .Net
  • Entity Framework
  • Interacting with .NET controls from VFP
  • Tying VFP, Python, .Net together and playing off each other’s strengths
  • Web Development
  • Angular
  • JavaScript-based frameworks
  • Blockchain
  • AWS and TSPlus
  • HTML 5

A few people wrote more general comments about what they’d like to see, including more advanced topics, more soft topics and more extensive business topics.