Each year, we post a list of topics suggested by attendees on the previous year’s conference evaluations to help people who want to submit proposals. (Here are the last few versions: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019.)

Here’s this year’s list with suggestions from both Virtual Fox Fest 2023 and Southwest Fox 2023:

  • VFP Grid use
  • Workarounds for well-known unsolved VFP bugs
  • Thor tools
  • Insights to Thor
  • How to contribute to VFPX
  • Chilkat use cases
  • Moving from VFP to something else
  • Moving from VFP to SQL Server or another database
  • Integration of VFP with other technologies/tools
  • Integration with .NET
  • C#
  • More web stuff
  • Progress on X#
  • SQL Server
  • Interfacing with SQLite data
  • BI
  • Security/encryption
  • Ideas on working with git
  • Workflow/principles of other developers

If there are topics you’d like to hear about at Southwest Fox 2024 (we’ve already selected the speakers and topics for Virtual Fox Fest 2024), please add them in the comments. If you’re interested in speaking at Southwest Fox 2024, check out the Call for Speakers.


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