Southwest Fox 2018 Registration is open!

Registration for Southwest Fox ( is now available. See for a list of speakers and for a list of sessions. Super-Saver Registration, which saves you $125, is available only through June 30th, so don’t wait.

Putting on a conference is a risky endeavor. Conference centers require a guaranteed minimum income to block the dates of a conference; for a conference like Southwest Fox, that minimum is in the tens of thousands of dollars. We have to commit to the conference center by July 2nd and need your support by July 1st to make that commitment. We will not send out any “We need your help” appeals so please do not wait; register by June 30th! We know most of you like to wait until the last minute to avoid the credit card bill arriving too soon. We will not charge any attendee credit cards or cash any checks until we have committed to going forward (sometime after July 2), so this is not is a reason to wait.

We look forward to seeing you in October!

Super-saver deadline approaches

Thanks to those of you who responded promptly to our message about the future of Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++. Registration has picked up, but we still need to hear from more of you before the Super-saver deadline.

June 30th is just a few days away and we thought we would pass along a reminder just in case you forgot to type it into your task list, or put a yellow sticky note on your monitor. We still need people to register to make the conferences happen.

The conferences take place October 17-20, 2013 in Gilbert, Arizona and we really hope you can be there. We would hate to see you miss out on the $125 discount and the free pre-conference session. The pre-conference sessions are quite popular this year.

Head over to the registration Web site today: As promised, we are not cashing checks or processing credit cards for new registrations until the middle of July.

Already registered? Thanks. Can you help us remind your fellow developers who have been procrastinating about the looming deadline?

Help save Southwest Fox!

Putting on a conference is a risky endeavor. Conference centers require a guaranteed minimum income to block the dates of a conference; for a conference like Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++, that minimum is in the tens of thousands of dollars.

As of today, we have 14 people registered for Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++ 2013. That’s about half the number of people who were registered at this time last year, and last year’s number took a big leap of faith on our part to carry on. See, our break-even point is about 75 people, and according to our contract with the hotel, we have until July 2 to cancel or we’re on the hook for our guaranteed minimum whether there’s a conference or not.

Southwest Fox is one of the highlights of the year for the three of us. A ton of planning and work goes into organizing it, but we are happy to do it because we feel it’s an important way to keep our community going. We’re realistic enough to know that it won’t go on forever and each year could be the last. So, was 2012 the last year? You can help us make that decision. If you were thinking about going this year, vote to continue the conference by registering now. If you know others thinking of attending, share this message with them.

If we do end up cancelling, everyone who registered will get their money back in full, so you can’t lose out. (Just don’t make your flight reservation right way.)

The FoxShow #77 features an interview with us discussing this and other SWFox-related issues, so be sure to check it out. Andrew MacNeill also has a blog post about this.

Registration is open!

Geek Gatherings LLC has officially opened registration for Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++ 2013! The developer conferences will be held October 17-20, 2013 at the SanTan Elegante Conference and Reception Center, the same great location as last year. Last year was a huge success.

Super-Saver Registration, which saves you $125, is available only through June 30th, so don’t wait. Head over to the registration Web site today:

Registration fees are the same as last year! More details are available on the conference’s registration page.

Registration is open!

Registration is now open for both Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++.

In addition, speakers and sessions for Southwest Xbase++ are now available. Remember, if you register for one conference, you’re free to attend sessions in the other conference as well: it’s BOGO (buy one, get one free). There are some sessions specifically intended for VFP developers, including Project PolarFox: State of the Union and Xbase++ 2.0 from a VFP Developer’s Perspective.

Registration information:
Online registration:
Southwest Fox speakers/sessions:
Southwest Xbase++ speakers/sessions:

Last chance for SuperSaver registration

Just a reminder that anyone registering for Southwest Fox by Monday, July 25 is eligible for the SuperSaver discount rate of $645. Registration includes entrance to all regular conference sessions, two lunches, one dinner, access to white papers for all regular conference sessions, and much more.

Check out the list of speakers and sessions at Full registration information and access to our registration application is at

Recession Buster Deals Offered

It is hard to believe we are into the second week of September already. What this means is the speakers are scrambling to finish their white papers and polish up their sessions for the conference.

Here at Geek Gathering Headquarters it means we are busy making decisions on what we can do within budget, starting to order things we need for the conference, and firming up details with the conference center.

We’re definitely seeing a drop off with registrations this year. Based on what people have told us, it mostly has to do with the condition of the global economy. So we have a couple of special “recession buster” deals we hope will encourage a few more people to sign up for the best Visual FoxPro conference in North America.

Deal #1: “Organizers: please share my deal!”
If you already registered and paid for the conference and you know someone who wants to register, you can give them the same deal you got when you registered. If you want to come to the conference and you know someone who got in at the Super Saver ($620) or the Early-bird ($695) registration, you can sign up for the same price they did. Sharing is caring!

Deal #2: Southwest Fox “Pair Programmer” deal
Have one or more FoxPro friends who are considering coming to Southwest Fox? Sign up together and take $50 off each of the registrations.

No matter what deal you take, we will give you your first pre-conference session for free!

There’s only one catch. You have to take advantage of this deal by 11:59 PM September 30, 2009 Eastern time. We have to make some serious commitments on October 1 for various expenses we have for the conference.

Need some more convincing? How about some new news about the conference:

1) Sara Ford, Program Manager for CodePlex (home of VFPX) is going to present: “Towards a Stronger Open Source Ecosystem on” at the Thursday night keynote.

2) Schedule of the conference sessions is posted

3) We have added a couple of bonus sessions on Friday, including “Show Us Your App,” “Getting involved in VFPX” and an open space discussion “The Future of the VFP Developer.”

Got suggestions?
Got questions?
Got registrations?

Or you can call the Geek Gatherings’ World Headquarters at 586.254.2530.

Read about the registration process and get the registration application here:

Check out our list of amazing speakers:

Dig into our six session tracks:

Follow the news about the conference on our blog:

Use our brochure to convince your boss (or spouse or SO) to let you go:

Only 36 days until we meet in Mesa. We hope to see you there.

Conference Registration App Update

Based on our customer feedback we have released a new version of the Conference Registration applet. If you have already installed the first release (Build 151) you can install the new version (build 161) right over the existing folder. All your data will be preserved, but a new version of the EXE and the Help file will get installed. The newest build is a full install if you have not installed this applet at all. The same one install works for everyone.

There is no need to resend your registration if you have already registered (yes, several people have)!

Here is the list of changes for this build:

  • Message is displayed if you previously sent in a registration when you start the application. If you cancelled the registration before it was emailed you can delete the ZIP file(s) from the SendZip folder if you don’t want to see this message.
  • Tooltip on the highlighted area warning you contact information is shared with select vendors. The tooltip tells you which information is shared with the vendors.
  • Added shortcut menu to all textboxes and editboxes to help with undo, cut, copy, paste, clear, and select all functionality. This was added specifically to meet a request from a tablet PC user, but naturally works for everyone.
  • Additional adjustments were made to help out those with low resolutions or for those working on tablet PCs in portrait (tall and narrow) mode.
  • Added hyperlinks to conference Twitter page and the Southwest Fox Conference blog.
  • Updated specific data entry elements in the Help file to note the information shared with vendors. (Name, company, address, city/province/region, country, email, daytime phone number)
  • Updated the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) topic.

There was one minor bug:

  • Corrected the registration date and time when registration is sent to organizers.

Please download the new setup file before sending in your registration to enjoy some of the tweaks and to provide the smoothest of experiences. All the details about the registration process can be found on the conference registration page, including the download and a 15 minute video showing you the installation and using the registration applet.

Southwest Fox Sessions and Speakers Announced

We announced the speaker and session lineup for Southwest Fox 2009 today. This year was the hardest yet selecting from the list of proposals because we had a record number of submissions. Once again, there are great topics such as using Visual Earth in VFP applications, implementing MySQL, getting the most out of FoxCharts, and adding full-text search to your applications.

Registration is now open, so be sure to sign up today for a fun three days in Phoenix in October. Take advantage of the “Southwest Fox Stimulus Plan”: if you register before July 1, you save $125 and get a free half-day pre-conference session, a $99 value. With sessions on Web development, source control, and refactoring legacy code, the hard part will be picking which one to attend.

We also offer an early-bird special: register before September 1 and save $50.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in October!