Southwest Fox 2015
Southwest Xbase++ 2015

October 15-18, 2015
SanTan Elegante Conference Center
Gilbert, AZ

Session Rehearsals

Practice makes perfect! We strongly encourage Southwest Fox speakers to rehearse their sessions at user group meetings. This is a win-win for everyone: the speaker is more prepared at Southwest Fox, attendees see a better session, and user groups get high-quality sessions for their members.

User Group Date Speaker Session
Philadelphia Jul. 14 Tamar Granor Can't This Application go any Faster?
Chicago FUDG Aug. 17 Phil Sherwood The New Rules of Marketing and Sales
GRAFUG Sep. 12 Rick Schummer Your Developer Life Improved By Thor
Chicago FUDG Sep. 21 Toni Feltman An Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services
Detroit DAFUG Oct. 8 Rick Schummer VFPX.Edition("2015")
Detroit DAFUG Oct. 8 Tuvia Vinitsky PCI Compliance: Facts and Fear
GRAFUG Oct. 10 Toni Feltman From Developer to Manager
Philadelphia Oct. 13 Christof Wollenhaupt Computer Sensors in Business Applications
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