Southwest Fox 2008

Southwest Fox has the best lineup of VFP speakers on the planet, including many MVPs and book and magazine authors.

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Menachem Bazian Menachem Bazian

Client Server Development with Visual FoxPro and MySQL (pre-conference)
Structured Query Language

Rick Borup Rick Borup

Automating QuickBooks with QODBC
Hidden Treasures: The FoxPro Foundation Classes

Craig Boyd Craig Boyd

VFP Fundamentals: Creating a Professional VFP Application from Start to Finish
VFP Studio: Extending the Visual FoxPro IDE

Bo Durban Bo Durban

Creating Custom Report Controls with Sedna
VFP 9 and SP2 Reporting Component Basics

Mike Feltman Mike Feltman

Collections, Arrays and Iteration
JavaScript for FoxPro Developers

Toni Feltman Toni Feltman

Leveraging .NET Technology in Visual FoxPro Using .NET Extender from
Square Peg, Round Hole - Retrofitting Client Server Data Access into Legacy FoxPro Applications

Tamar E. Granor Tamar E. Granor

Practical Tips for Working with Existing Applications
We Used to Do it That Way, but ...

Doug Hennig Doug Hennig

Advantage Database Server for Visual FoxPro Developers
Creating Explorer Interfaces in Visual FoxPro

Andy Kramek Andy Kramek

Introduction to Transact SQL (pre-conference)
Working with Objects in Visual FoxPro

Andrew R. MacNeill Andrew R. MacNeill

Profiling and Refactoring: How to Analyze and Clean-up Your Code
Working with CodePlex and VFPX

Barbara Peisch Barbara Peisch

An Overview of WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)
Understanding Scope

Cathy Pountney Cathy Pountney

Customizing Your Vertical Market Application
Introduction to the VFP 9.0 Report Writer (Part I) (pre-conference)
Introduction to the VFP 9.0 Report Writer (Part II) (pre-conference)

Rick Schummer Rick Schummer

Extending the Sedna Data Explorer
Using VFPX Components in Production Applications

Alan Stevens Alan Stevens

Ignorance is Bliss: Why You Don't Need to Know Where or How Your Data is Stored?
Manage Complexity With Agility

Rick Strahl Rick Strahl

Using .NET with Visual FoxPro for Reliable Web Service Access and Hosting
Using Ajax and jQuery features to build Rich Web User Interfaces with Web Connection

Christof Wollenhaupt Christof Wollenhaupt

Creating Owner Drawn Controls in Visual FoxPro
Introduction to Mobile Development
Optimizing and Debugging

Tomorrow's Solutions, LLC

DBI Technologies
Visual MaxFrame Professional