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Jim Nelson

Jim Nelson

Jim Nelson is a relative newcomer to the FoxPro world. He spent the first thirty years of his professional life programming in APL, a long-since extinct programming language. For the last twenty of those years, he worked for a company that sold Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance. During those years, he had a reputation throughout the APL community as a tool builder for utilities not available within the APL language.

His VFP career began in 2003, working for the Kong Company in Golden, Colorado. He now works full-time for them, acting as their software development department.

His involvement in VFPx projects (such as Thor, PEM Editor, and FoxCharts) mirrors his earlier interest in developing programmers' tools. He has been a presenter at SWFox once before, in 2009.

Jim lives in Newbury Park, California, with his wife of 38 years.


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