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Jody L Meyer

Jody L Meyer

Jody Meyer has been a software developer for 26 years and all but 3 have been with Fox. Currently, Jody is a software developer for White Light Computing. Previously, she was the chief architect of the WinMAGI framework which is a world-class manufacturing ERP system for small to mid-sized manufacturers.

After hours, Jody takes her passion for software development and applies it to some volunteer projects and a couple of user groups. She is the President and Webmaster of the Grand Rapids Area FoxPro User Group (GRAFUG). She is a member of the Detroit Area Fox User Group (DAFUG) and has been known to make the trek to the Chicago FoxPro Users and Developers Group (ChicagoFUDG). She loves sharing her passion at conferences as well. When she isn't a taxi driver for her son, David, to Special Olympics events, Jody also loves to play volleyball with her husband Jeff and run with her dog, Beau. You can contact Jody at:

Email: Email: Follow her passion for story telling through her blog at White Light Computing, Inc website at




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