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Stephen J Bodnar

Stephen J Bodnar

Steve Bodnar is the President of Geeks and Gurus, Inc., a software development company with offices in Detroit, MI and Williamsburg, VA.

Steve started developing FoxPro applications with FoxPro for DOS 2.0. He actively develops VFP line of buisiness applications as well as websites using Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC and jQuery. Steve was one of the founding members of the Detroit Area FoxPro Users Group and has attended Fox conferences as often as possible since the early 1990's.

Steve has spoken at VFP conferences and user groups in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kansas City, Toledo, Milwaukee, Sacramento and Atlanta. He's also spoken at .NET user groups, Code Camps and confenrences in Grand Rapids, Raleigh, Richmond, Roanoke, Northern Virginia and Knoxville.

Geeks and Gurus develops line of business applications and websites for small and medium sized organizations. We deliver solutions based on Microsoft technologies such as Visual FoxPro, SQL Server and .NET.

Steve can be contacted at and you can follow him on twitter at @SteveBodnar. Hopefully, by the time you read this, he'll have resumed his blogging after a long hiatus. Place your bets and then check




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