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Steven Black

Steven Black

Steven has been a Fox developer since 1986. He markets Steven Black's INTL Toolkit, a multi-lingual framework for FoxPro and Visual FoxPro, which he created in 1993 and continues to occasionally refine. He has been a featured speaker at over forty FoxPro Devcons and regional conferences.

Steven is also the creator and webmaster of the Visual FoxPro Wiki, an VFP community knowledgebase, which is found at His company, SBC, is based in Kingston Ontario, and operates worldwide. He specializes in multi-lingual, multi-site, and other challenging FoxPro projects, including out-of-control project turn-arounds and cleanups. He consults with small developers as well as Fortune 500 companies, national and international government agencies, and software development companies to elevate their development teams.


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