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Guidebook for Mobile Devices

Southwest Fox and Southwest Xbase++ have gone mobile! We've created a conference schedule on Guidebook, a popular mobile guide for events. Simply install the Guidebook app on your mobile device, then load the Southwest Fox/Xbase++ 2013 guide. You'll be able to see complete session descriptions, view the conference schedule, see speaker photos and biographies, create to-do items, and best of all, create a customized schedule of sessions.

For iOS or Android

  1. Download the Guidebook app or scan this code:

  2. Open the app, tap "Download Guides", and search for "Southwest Fox/Xbase++ 2013". Alternatively, tap "Scan" and scan this code:


Other Mobile Devices

  1. Use the Guidebook mobile web version at
  2. Search for "Southwest Fox/Xbase++ 2013".
  3. Note that you can't create your own customized schedule or to-do list, but you do have access to the schedule and speakers.