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User Group Discount

Southwest Fox offers a discount for FoxPro user groups. Here's how the discount works:

  • Rather than offering the discount to the members of the group who attend the conference, the discount is offered to the user group itself. That way, the entire group benefits when any of their members attend the conference.
  • The discount will be paid directly to the user group and can be used for group activities, such as paying speaker expenses or subsidizing training for members.
  • The discount amount is $25 per registered person.
  • Any interested user groups must register with us by email ( by July 1.
  • A user group must be a bona fide user group, one that actively promotes itself on various forums and VFP sites, to be eligible.
  • Speakers and exhibitors do not count in the registration count for the user group.
  • A user group must submit the names of registered individuals all at once and before October 31.
  • Payment will be completed before US Thanksgiving.