Southwest Fox 2018

October 18-21, 2018
SanTan Elegante Conference Center
Gilbert, AZ


We greatly value the sponsors of Southwest Fox, who help cover conference costs and help out in many other ways. There are seven levels of sponsorship: Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Room, Bronze, and Consultant.

If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor, please download our Exhibitor and Sponsor Prospectus for detailed information.

  • Platinum Sponsors: Conference Organizers
  • The mission of White Light Computing is to guide Information Technology investments toward success!

    We work with businesses of all sizes to develop custom software solutions, integrate with other software systems, convert data from one system to another, create applications that serve vertical markets, and write add-on tools for analysis and reporting for existing software. We assist independent developers and consulting firms with database design, project management, programming, code reviews, testing, deployment, training, and one-on-one mentoring. White Light Computing also sells the popular HackCX Professional and the award-winning ViewEditor Professional, and offers a complete suite of free developer tools to help increase developer productivity. You can get more details at

  • Stonefield Query, from Stonefield Software Inc., is a user-friendly data mining, business intelligence, query, and report writing tool. With its intuitive wizard driven design, Stonefield Query makes report writing a snap for even the most novice user. Elegant and persuasive reports can be created in minutes with little or no technical knowledge required. Now available in desktop and web versions.

  • Tomorrow's Solutions, LLC is owned and operated by Tamar E. Granor, Ph.D., a consultant and application developer specializing in database applications. Since 1988, Tamar has been working primarily with Visual FoxPro and its predecessors, FoxPro and FoxBase+. She has worked with both large and small businesses as well as non-profit organizations. Currently, the primary focus of Tomorrow's Solutions is working with and for other developers through sub-contracting and mentoring.

  • Diamond Sponsors
  • Atlas is a complete, paperless office solution designed for chiropractic offices. It handles billing, scheduling, treatment and care tracking, patient education and retention, clinic reporting, soap notes and much more. With a variety of innovative features including our new mobile platform flex, Atlas will not only help you save time but help grow any Chiropractic clinic. Atlas is customizable and the go-to solution for small to large volume clinics with every type of practice style and philosophy.

    Atlas is built using Visual Foxpro 9.0 and we are proud to continue to support Southwest Fox. Without the support of the VFP community our company would not be as successful and able to continue to grow to include clients now in over 25 countries.

  • Founded in 1997 with HQ in Grand Junction, CO, New York City, NY, and in the metropolitan area of Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Alaska Software solely concentrates upon the development and improvement of Xbase++ as a technology platform. Xbase++ is a 100% Clipper compatible xbase language enriched and improved by language features, such as object-orientation and data persistence.

    Alaska Software pioneered in the implementation and hands-on usage of intelligent multi-threading technology in Xbase++, especially for Line-of-Business and mission critical applications. Crucial to the corporate philosophy is the perpetuation of continuous innovation and technological headway while aiming to provide best possible continuity and protection of hitherto undertaken investments. More than one million application end-users as well as thousands of former Clipper-, dBase- and FoxPro developers rely upon Xbase++ for several years, thus having built their business success upon Xbase++.

  • Gold Sponsors
  • Foxpert software development and consulting offers its services to single developers and Fortune 100 companies alike. Whether it's Visual FoxPro, .NET, whether it's architecture, design, security, or just getting the project done, whether it's short term or long term, we can assist you with your software development business. For more information please visit

  • Forward Thinking Software introduces CleverFox Backup as a service that backs up your customer's Visual FoxPro and SQL Server data to the cloud. CleverFox Backup is an additional layer of protection when you find out your customer's local backups were skipped or are failing, or not even set up. CleverFox Backup helps you be the hero when your customer calls you to support tables that are completely encrypted by Cryptolocker, trashed by a power outage, or deleted by an angry employee. We look forward to showing you to our exciting product you can privately brand and deploy to your customers.

  • Introducing Conference Geeks!

    After 15 years of supporting conferences as part of Geeks and Gurus, we've grown to the point where we just had to break out on our own.

    Although our conference customers often call us the "A/V guys" we're much more than that. We've built a successful business supporting conferences because of our excellent understanding of IT and how it can impact conferences and meetings in terms of both technology and software. Conference Geeks has grown as a result of our excellent customer service and professional approach to all aspects of our conference services.

    If you need projectors, laptops, large screen displays, printers or anything else for your conference, please check us out at our new home on the web:

  • Xojo, Inc. was founded in 1997 with the idea that software development should be accessible to anyone. With traditional tools, creating apps can be a very complicated process, but using Xojo anyone can learn to create high quality, native apps for the Desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux), Web, iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Raspberry Pi. Xojo also offers Xojo Cloud, which is easy, secure and maintenance-free web application hosting.

    Xojo is the result of many years of development. In fact, we build Xojo with Xojo. With users all over the world, Xojo apps can be found in every conceivable category—from commercial software applications to use in governments, universities, businesses, and the Fortune 500. Secondary-level and college students in schools all over the world are introduced to programming with Xojo.

  • West Wind Technologies provides productive developer tools as well as custom consulting and support to customers. West Wind is well-known for producing widely used tools for FoxPro and .NET like the West Wind Web Connection Web development framework for Visual FoxPro, the Markdown Monster Markdown editor, West Wind HTML Help Builder online and offline documentation creation tool, and developer tool libraries like West Wind Web Service Proxy Generator, West Wind Client Tools, West Wind WebSurge, and Web Monitor tools. We also provide consulting, mentoring and support services for a variety of technologies including Visual FoxPro, .NET, IIS and general front-end and backend Web Development technologies.

  • Providing Quality Public Safety Solutions Since 1989

  • DBI Technologies Inc. is a commercial software development company focused on empowering application developers with the most flexible and respected, reusable commercial software components for Scheduling and Presentation layer application design. DBI is recognized for its award winning component products and its technical support for customers working in any Microsoft or .NET and OLE compliant development environment.

  • Axialis Software develops software solutions for professional graphic designers and developers. Products include bitmap and vector icons for user interfaces, IconGenerator, IconWorkshop and several others.

  • Macrosoft is a technology leader in creating business intelligent solutions. We focus on acquiring and utilizing the latest technology in all our development work, and apply the latest technology methods and practices in all our products. Macrosoft has depth of expertise in Visual FoxPro, .NET Technologies, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning, and the Cloud. Macrosoft's Legacy Conversion Practice works closely with clients to lead them through this very tricky and complicated process. Macrosoft's newest offering, Cloud Enablement and Enhancement, is focused on our client's need to gain the advantages of the Cloud.

  • We've kissed a lot of frogs.

    Not everyone gets to be an Oak Leaf Enterprises software developer. Over the years we have put together a development team that only includes the cream of the crop. They are developers who:

    1. Have exceptional programming and design skills
    2. Play well with others (no prima donnas)
    3. Are honest with themselves and our customers

    Do you need help with your VFP, .NET or iOS projects? We're here to help. Whether it's upgrading to new technologies, architectural and technical advice, getting through rough patches in a project, or writing applications from the ground up, we have the staff you need to get your project completed.

    Our MM VFP, MM .MET and MMiOS frameworks give your projects a strong foundation on which to build dependable, high performance apps that easily change with new technologies.

  • Silver Sponsors
  • Steema Software is a privately held company founded in 1996 and has been providing software tools for application developers ever since. Steema authors, distributes and supports all its products. Steema's flagship product, the TeeChart Charting Library, is widely acknowledged as an industry standard.

  • Redgate is the leading provider of software for professionals working on the Microsoft data platform.

    We help over 800,000 people in every type of organization around the world, from small and medium sized businesses to 91% of companies in the Fortune 100.

    Our SQL Toolbelt helps users implement DevOps best practice for their databases, easily monitor database performance, and improve team productivity.

    We do all this by investing heavily in making our software intuitive to use even though we're solving complex customer problems – something we call ingeniously simple.

  • EQEUS.COM is the developer of XFRX, the comprehensive Visual FoxPro report engine extension. XFRX can export report output to multiple formats, including PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice, and images, as well as preview and print. It can be easily plugged into existing applications, using standard Visual FoxPro reports. XFRX works with Visual FoxPro versions from 5.0 to 9.0.

    EQEUS.COM also provides consulting services in web based applications, .NET and SQL Server.

  • Room Sponsors
  • Visual FoxPro applications protection and recovery

    ReFox decompiler was created by Jan Brebera in 1991 and is still maintained and kept up-to-date. ReFox is the essential recovery tool in any situation where the source code is lost or damaged or if it is uncertain whether the actual source code matches the compiled application. ReFox also provides a strong encrypting mechanism to protect VFP applications from unwanted decompilation and reverse engineering. The latest version is ReFox XII, supporing the full history of all the FoxPro and Visual FoxPro editions. For more information, visit

  • Bronze Sponsors
  • AKSEL, headed by Andrew MacNeill, is a consulting company that provides development, technical writing, media development (podcasting/screencasting), data analysis and project management services around the world. From short-term writing and analysis projects to long-term development and product management projects to community-driven projects, AKSEL offers personalized solutions to businesses and individuals, creating an ongoing working relationship. For more information, visit

  • Group travel planning and management made easy!

    TripTrak™ helps group travel clubs plan and manage their travel events. Features include:

    • set up single-day or multi-day trips
    • maintain customer profiles including trip history
    • manage trip reservations and wait lists
    • handle customer billing via invoice, direct debit, or ACH
    • track deposits, payments, and amounts due
    • print participant name tags and badges
    • generate management reports by customer and by trip
    • use customer profiles for marketing and follow-up
    • and more!

    Originally designed for bank travel clubs, TripTrak is a great solution for any organization that plans, manages, and conducts group travel events.

    TripTrak™ is a product of Information Technology Associates, LLC. Learn more at

  • Brought to you by EPS Software and several partner organizations, is a portal that contains various resources (Articles, Blogs, Tools, Training) to support the FoxPro and VFP communities. provides valuable information for developers looking to enhance their Visual FoxPro applications by adding the latest technologies available from Microsoft, or if desired, for converting applications from FoxPro to the Microsoft .NET platform. Visual FoxPro is a powerful and flexible tool that's used for many mission-critical applications, however many companies (due to Microsoft’s “end of life” announcement) running VFP are currently faced with the need to migrate and don't know where to turn for advice. This portal gives developers a place to get help and strategies for their migration needs.

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