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Steve Ellenoff

Steve Ellenoff

Steve Ellenoff is the president of SJE Consulting / Custom Technology Solutions ( founded in 1999. With over 20 years of programming experience, he and his company continue to utilize Visual FoxPro and other technologies to deliver cost effective, feature rich, database intensive desktop and web solutions for companies small and large. Steve has been working with FoxPro since version 2.6 for Windows, although he considers his many years using Dbase and Clipper to be his unofficial start with FoxPro.

Steve has presented topics on FoxPro at several conferences and user groups and had numerous tips published by FoxPro Advisor magazine. Steve is the author of an unpublished VFPX project called the Common Controls Replacement Library which is intended to be used to replace the Microsoft ActiveX Common Controls with native VFP code. Despite the project's initial success in accomplishing this goal, Steve put the project on hold due to lack of time.

Steve also has a background in C and C++ development and headed the popular open source pinball project PinMAME ( for many years, before retiring. Additionally he made many contributions to the even more popular open source video game project, MAME ( Both projects rely heavily on virtualization & emulation technology, which has long since been one of Steve's favorite areas of technology.

Steve is also one of the founding members of Big Guys Pinball, LLC ( which is in the process of integrating his software emulation & reverse engineering skill set into a product which will serve as a total computer system replacement for aging pinball machine hardware.

In addition to his everyday business centric related application work and consulting, Steve is currently having lots of fun doing some contract work for a Game Developer Studio in California which produces video game titles for Xbox, Wii, and Playstation.


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