Southwest Fox 2009

Southwest Fox has the best lineup of VFP speakers on the planet, including many MVPs and book and magazine authors.

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Menachem Bazian Menachem Bazian

Open Source Tools
SQL in Many Forms

Rick Borup Rick Borup

Quibbles, Quirks, and Quickies
The Show Must Go On: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Craig Boyd Craig Boyd

FLLs and the Visual FoxPro API
Virtual Earth for Visual FoxPro

Steve Ellenoff Steve Ellenoff

Introduction to Programming for the Web for VFP Developers (pre-conference)
Simulating Multithreaded Processes in VFP

Mike Feltman Mike Feltman

HTML and Visual FoxPro
HTML for the Desktop

Toni M Feltman Toni M Feltman

Data Driving Applications
Introduction to Subversion and Tortoise SVN (pre-conference)

Tamar E Granor Tamar E Granor

Getting Your Head Around Business Objects
Top 10 (or more) Reasons to Use the VFP Toolbox

Doug Hennig Doug Hennig

Microsoft Virtual PC for VFP Developers
Practical Uses for GDIPlusX

Walt Krzystek Walt Krzystek

Integrating VFP with SourceGear Vault (pre-conference)
SQL Server Tips and Tricks

Jody L Meyer Jody L Meyer

Developing and Extending the Visual FoxPro Grid Object
Speak to Me: Applying MS Office Automation to Real Business Needs

Paul Mrozowski Paul Mrozowski

Full Text Search using Lucene.NET
Refactoring Legacy Code

Jim Nelson Jim Nelson

FoxCharts - Great Looking, Modern Charts in Pure VFP Code
PEMEditor: Swiss Army Knife for the Forms Designer -- the What and How

Cathy Pountney Cathy Pountney

Making the Most of VFP 9 SP2 Reports (Part I)
Making the Most of VFP 9 SP2 Reports (Part II)

Rick Schummer Rick Schummer

Enhancing the Visual FoxPro IDE with VFPX Tools
VFP and MySQL: Case Study for Remote Data

Alan Stevens Alan Stevens

Advanced Principles of Solid Object Oriented Design
Break It Down: Dealing With Legacy Code (pre-conference)

Christof Wollenhaupt Christof Wollenhaupt

Using .NET in FoxPro Applications

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