Southwest Fox 2009

We greatly value the sponsors of Southwest Fox, who help cover conference costs and help out in many other ways. There are four levels of sponsorship: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor or sponsor, please download our Exhibitor and Sponsor Prospectus for detailed information.

Platinum Sponsors


The mission of White Light Computing is to guide Information Technology investments toward success!

We work with businesses of all sizes to develop custom software solutions, integrate with other software systems, convert data from one system to another, create applications that serve vertical markets, and write add-on tools for analysis and reporting for existing software. We assist independent developers and consulting firms with database design, project management, programming, code reviews, testing, deployment, training, and one-on-one mentoring. White Light Computing also sells the popular HackCX Professional and the award-winning ViewEditor Professional, and offers a complete suite of free developer tools to help increase developer productivity. You can get more details at

Stonefield Query, from Stonefield Software Inc., is a user-friendly data mining, business intelligence, query, and report writing tool. With its intuitive wizard driven design, Stonefield Query makes report writing a snap for even the most novice user. Elegant and persuasive reports can be created in minutes will little or no technical knowledge required.
Tomorrow's Solutions, LLC Tomorrow's Solutions, LLC is owned and operated by Tamar E. Granor, Ph.D., a consultant and application developer specializing in database applications. Since 1988, Tamar has been working primarily with Visual FoxPro and its predecessors, FoxPro and FoxBase+. She has worked with both large and small businesses as well as non-profit organizations. Currently, the primary focus of Tomorrow's Solutions is working with and for other developers through sub-contracting and mentoring.

Gold Sponsors: $1,000

FoxRockX We are committed to providing the best dedicated magazine for FoxPro Developers worldwide. Our list of authors includes many names already familiar to you. Great articles from great developers will help you hone your skills and increase your productivity. Join FoxRockX today at our affordable rates!
Advantage Database Server  Advantage Database Server is a full-featured, high-performance, true client/server database engine. Advantage allows FoxPro developers to develop powerful database applications with complete client/server database control. Most importantly, FoxPro developers can retain their ISAM-style data access methods while utilizing Advantage's complete SQL engine for optimized data access. Along with providing data-integrity and security, triggers, stored procedures, full-text search, replication, and more, Advantage also provides unique functionality to the FoxPro market because of its native support for DBF tables including support to DBF tables greater than 4GB and a migration path to .NET without any VFP code changes.

Do any of these issues sound familiar? Advantage can help because of its native support for DBF data.

  • I have tables that are nearing or over the 2GB limit and I am forced to get creative when dealing with them. Advantage natively supports DBF tables greater than 4GB; no data conversion is necessary.
  • I want to use a different technology to extend my VFP application (for example, to the web) but I don't have the time, resources, or money to rewrite my application. Advantage allows you to concurrently share your DBF data with other technologies. Leave your current VFP application alone with no changes and share the data with a newly written Visual Studio module for web access.
  • I need to increase my application's security but have reached the limits of DBF tables. Advantage provides increased security features such as encryption and hiding DBF tables on the network using your existing data.

How is it all done so easily? Stop by the Advantage booth and we will show you how or visit our website

Alaska Software
Founded in 1997 with HQ in Grand Junction, CO, New York City, NY, and in the metropolitan area of Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Alaska Software solely concentrates upon the development and improvement of Xbase++ as a technology platform. Xbase++ is a 100% Clipper compatible xbase language enriched and improved by language features, such as object-orientation and data persistence.

Alaska Software pioneered in the implementation and hands-on usage of intelligent multi-threading technology in Xbase++, especially for Line-of-Business and mission critical applications. Crucial to the corporate philosophy is the perpetuation of continuous innovation and technological headway while aiming to provide best possible continuity and protection of hitherto undertaken investments. More than one million application end-users as well as thousands of former Clipper-, dBase- and FoxPro developers rely upon Xbase++ for several years, thus having built their business success upon Xbase++.
Servoy, a Deloitte Fast 50 Technology company, is an international market leader in powerful hybrid (SaaS and on premises) software. Servoy is the ideal tool for FoxPro developers looking to enhance their applications or to migrate from Windows to multi-platform and the web.

Servoy's platform allows development of green IT hybrid applications -- which can be deployed as SaaS and on-premises through both a browser and a native client -- from a single code base. In addition, Servoy has also recently released a free calculator to estimate redevelopment cost and total cost of ownership at Using the Servoy TCO Calculator, ISVs now can quickly estimate the potential savings of implementing Servoy.

Today, more than 20,000 developers are working with the Servoy product suite. Companies like Symantec, Stanford University, Wells Fargo, Verizon and UCLA Hospital rely on Servoy for managing data and presenting it to their customers and employees through rich applications over the LAN, WAN and Internet connections. If you know FoxPro, and are looking to deploy web-based applications, cross-platform, check out what Servoy offers. You will appreciate the fact that Servoy is as productive as FoxPro, very easy to learn, as feature complete and allows you to take your applications easily to the web. Please visit for more information.
Moxie Data

Add MOXIE to your reports!

mox•ie (mok'se) noun. Slang 1. pizzazz;spirit;vigor. 2. skill;know-how.

Moxie Report Objects, from Moxie Data, Inc. is an advanced set of add-on controls to enhance your VFP 9.0 reports. With Moxie Report Objects you can easily incorporate HTML or RTF formatted text fields, most ActiveX controls, as well as many other cool features into your VFP reports. It is very easy to integrate and works well with large or small projects. Download our, full functioning, demo version today and see how easy it is to add MOXIE to your reports!

Silver Sponsors: $750

FoxFire!  The Foxfire! Report Writer v8+ product line is a family of data mining tools designed for regular business users. Developers can adapt it to almost any database and add any needed features on demand, in order to fit user needs like a glove. It is the only set of report writers for the VFP environment that can operate interchangeably on both platforms. Its new interactive drag-'n-drop design tool (released May 2007) has been praised by users and usability experts alike for simplicity without sacrificing power. Micromega Systems, its developer/publisher offers Foxfire! consulting, integration, and training services. Our growth strategy is partnering, and we are currently seeking other developers who want to partner to create custom or localized versions to address special market opportunities. Go to to explore how we might work together.
Matrix Imaging Solutions  Matrix Imaging Solutions specializes in document processing as an outsource function. Partner with Matrix to create a source of revenue for your company and while providing your customers a valuable, cost-effective method of getting their business critical documents in the mail. Please stop by to get more details regarding our processes and the benefits …it's money in the bank for you and your customers.

Room Sponsors: $500

Bronze Sponsors: $250

SweetPotato Software When you need someone you can trust to get the job done right, SweetPotato Software is the company to call. We've got the experience and determination that this industry demands. We know how to get a project done right, on time, and within budget. Whether you have a project in mind or would just like to discuss the possibilities for you and your company, give us a call or drop us an email. We're a company dedicated to excellence, and we've made a name for ourselves going the extra mile on every project. Our customers have come to expect nothing less than the best and we know how to deliver.
Visual Extend 10.0 Visual Extend is the framework for Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2 which has made the largest leaps forward in the last years due to massive investments in new features and developer tools (builders). The concept of rapid application development has been extended to Client/Server-applications with complete support for CursorAdaptor, supports VFP-made ribbon bar menu style, data synchronization via FTP, module activation and error catching via webservices, multi-language support for apps and reporting, and much more. It is by far the market-leader in the German-speaking countries. Download a 30 days free trial and 1 GB of free training videos.
Cully Technologies LLC CULLY Technologies aims to empower businesses with sound business advice and solutions to apply technology that can give you a competitive advantage. Our philosophy is truly to be a trusted partner with your company. This trust must be earned. We do this by delivering solutions that are cost effective and don't "hog-tie" you or your future.
KnowItAll, LLC
KnowItAll is patented software that can increase your office's efficiency and bring your employee training time down to minutes. Passwords, documents, excel sheets, contacts, e-mail addresses and more can be found easily with keywords. Go to or call 800-635-8485 to see how KnowItAll can work for you.
Redgate Red Gate Software makes ingeniously simple tools for over 500,000 Microsoft technology professionals working with SQL Server, .NET, and Exchange. The company's product line includes tools for comparing, synchronizing, backing up and recovering SQL Server databases; understanding and fixing .NET code problems; and email archiving for Exchange.

Red Gate have a page on their website specific for Southwest Fox attendees to visit so you can get access to free learning resources:
Redgate Axialis Software develops software solutions for professional graphic designers and developers. Products include IconWorkshop, Professional Screensaver Producer, CursorWorkshop and several others.
AKSEL, headed by Andrew MacNeill, is a consulting company that provides development, technical writing, media development (podcasting/screencasting), data analysis and project management services around the world. From short-term writing and analysis projects to long-term development and product management projects to community-driven projects, AKSEL offers personalized solutions to businesses and individuals, creating an ongoing working relationship. For more information, visit
Round Polygons - SqlAssist

SqlAssist offers IntelliSense for T-SQL inside of Sql Server Management Studio and Visual Studio. This is not just a quick and dirty implementation of IntelliSense, but a planned and well-implemented product that truly increases developer productivity. SqlAssist integrates so smoothly with SSMS and Visual Studio that you will quickly forget which functions belong to Microsoft and which belong to SqlAssist. No more sifting through tree views looking for what that table or column is named, or trying to remember exactly what you named that temp table or variable 300 lines above. No more searching "Books On Line" for what that "sp_MS" stored procedure is called.

It is all at your finger tips with SqlAssist at your disposal. With additional knockout features like running scripts on multiple databases/servers, automatic pretty formatting, and a flexible template interface, you will come to depend on this add-in. For more information, see

F1 Technologies
F1 Technologies is a leading provider of software development technology for Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Microsoft Visual Studio. Since 1990, F1 Technologies has built a solid reputation as an innovative provider of top-quality products and services to the FoxPro community.  While we’re best known as the creators of the Visual FoxExpress business application framework you should know we also provide top notch training and software development consulting.

Visual MaxFrame Professional

Visual MaxFrame Professional is an award-winning object-oriented framework for Visual FoxPro application development. VMP consists of the following:

  • an integrated set of class libraries (.VCXs)
  • .PRG-based library routines where appropriate
  • an Application Setup Wizard
  • developer tools
  • custom builders
  • miscellaneous files and utilities
  • complete source code and documentation
  • an online Help (.CHM) file plus 12 Tutorials
  • an extensive 1-Tier example application
  • an ever-growing n-Tier example application

TechSmith is the world's leading provider of screen capture and recording software for individual and professional use. People everywhere use our products to capture content from their screens in ways that help them communicate more clearly, create engaging presentations for diverse audiences, and analyze product usability and customer experience.
Ideate LLC
FoxBase developers for decades and West-Wind Web Connect developers since 2001, we at Ideate found it difficult to impossible to find economical web hosting for our own FoxPro applications. Seeing our own clients hosting needs, we developed the infrastructure, Web-Connection MVP expertise and partnerships required to offer high-reliability, enterprise-level FoxPro-friendly web hosting first for our own clients and ultimately for you - the FoxPro community of web developers.

Whether a full-blown WebConnect application or an ASP site using FoxPro ODBC connectivity, we provide the reliability, availability and expertise you need for a professional presence on the web. Our hosting facilities provide multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers, Cisco powered networking, fully switched networks and redundant climate controls and power systems. Four-nines uptime guarantees, 24-hour access to graphical monitoring, email notifications, and email hosting included in all hosting packages. See

Tomorrow's Solutions, LLC